Try Version 4.18.1 Before Release

We have released version 4.18.1 Beta. It will be useful to:

  • add-on and theme developers—they can test their products in advance to prepare for 4.18.1;
  • the merchants who are interested to see how the new version will work, and what they’ll have to do during the upgrade.

The key feature of CS-Cart 4.18.1 is the reworked admin panel. Our goal is to make it look easier to work with, and more familiar to new users. This requires not only changing the style, but also reworking—or even reinventing—parts of CS-Cart functionality. And we’d like to make the transition smooth for our clients and partners alike.

That’s why CS-Cart 4.18.1 includes the first steps on that path:

  • A new style to make the admin panel look more modern and less complicated.
  • Rearranged menus in the left sidebar. Many things went to “Settings” in the bottom left corner.
  • A reworked “Products” page, with new filters instead of “Advanced search”.

Most pages in the admin panel still remain as they were before, albeit with the new design. We’ll be reworking them one by one in future versions in accordance with your feedback.

We also have an article about technical changes for developers. It includes much information about the technical changes to the admin panel. Other functionality changes in the beta are covered in the changelog.

The best way to try 4.18.1 Beta is to upgrade from the previous version:

  1. Make sure that your store runs on 4.17.2 SP1.
  2. Create a dev copy of your store. Make sure to close the storefront. It is a requirement for a dev copy, while you are still using your own key.

Don’t upgrade your live store to 4.18.1 Beta—there won’t be an upgrade from the 4.18.1 Beta to the final 4.18.1 release.

  1. In your test copy, go to Settings → Licensing mode and change the key to the one that matches your product:
  • CS-Cart Store Builder: CS-BETA-Q8YT-9R8R-F202-8J6M
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor: MV-ULT-BETA-74TM-9T30-Q701-62FD

These keys will only have one upgrade: from 4.17.2 SP1 to 4.18.1. Once the testing is over, we will disable these keys. When you enter and save them, you’ll no longer need to keep the storefront closed. But it’s best to open it after step 4.

  1. Install the upgrade. After the upgrade you’ll see notifications about the changes. They’ll tell you what to do and check next.

If you can’t upgrade a test copy for any reason, you’ll still be able to try 4.18.1 as a new installation. Just download Store Builder 4.18.1 Beta or Multi-Vendor 4.18.1 Beta and use the corresponding keys provided above.

Feel free to discuss 4.18.1 Beta and everything related to it in this topic.


Is there a demo store running somewhere where we can log in and check out the new look?

I’ll send you a private message in a moment.

Can someone elaborate on this? With all the options and changes in CSC and PayPal, it is all confusing.

[*] Add-ons: PayPal Checkout: Added customization of additional payment methods and the appearance of buttons.


Add a review. See yellow line from the hidden text.

The dropdown does not have a gear icon next to the down arrow.

The bullet is similar color to the background color thus gives the appearance of a gap.

Click Notify customer checkbox and check browser’s console.

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Thanks, @ecomlabs! That covers almost everything that we’re adding to PayPal Checkout in CS-Cart 4.18.1.

One thing that CS-Cart 4.18.1 will simplify is the answer to “Which PayPal integration should I use?”

  • The current integration (the one getting the new features) is part of the “PayPal Checkout” add-on.

  • All other PayPal solutions (most of them labeled as “legacy” by PayPal at this point) will remain in CS-Cart for as long as they function, as part of the “PayPal legacy payments” add-on (currently called just “PayPal Payments”).

It looks great, good job!

@ikoshkin Will the support of the new payment will be included?

Looks modern, nice one

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Does this version support php 8.2 ?

Thank you both. There’s still much to do about the admin panel before we release 4.18.1, but it’s nice that we’re apparently on the right track with this change.

New hasn’t been implemented yet. I promised you we’d include it in CS-Cart 4.18 if all went as planned. However, the start of 2024 has been anything but. A lot of our effort had to go into finalizing the admin panel and solving a major security issue in all CS-Cart versions, past and present. More on that security issue in another topic.

That said, I’m still keeping in mind for future versions. However, it is now harder to for me to say which version it will be a part of.

CS-Cart 4.18.1 doesn’t officially support PHP 8.2 yet. However, we are aware of PHP version lifetime, and realize that PHP 8.2 (and possibly 8.3) is a must for CS-Cart this year.

Thank you. I just don’t want to start to pay extra to use the deprecated version like mentionned in the post.

I noticed that the notification tab never charge.
Capture d’écran 2024-02-08 170027

may i also get access to this please

Hello. I’m also interested in getting an access to this online demo.
Thanks in advance.

Could you send me the link as well please?

Hello, let me ask. I edited the name of the demo provider CS-Cart but it only changed the name in some places. However, when I go to the database in the cscart_company_descriptions table, a column appears. i18n_company has the same name as when I just changed it above, but in the table cscart_companies the company column is still CS-Cart? So where do I need to correct the edit?

[Deprecation] The keyword ‘searchfield-cancel-button’ specified to an ‘appearance’ property is not standardized. It will be removed in the future.

Can free license holders participate ?

any news concerning release date?

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