Try Version 4.18.1 Before Release

Yes. Though they’d probably have to download a beta and make a test installation, rather than upgrade a copy of their existing store. The links to the installers are at the end of the opening post. You’ll be able to use the license keys with those test installations at least until April 2.

So far we’re aiming for April 2, 2024. We took some extra time to account for the feedback we received. The admin panel in CS-Cart 4.18.1 will look better than what you see in the Beta.


What needs to be improved on user-side performance will be when the team deploys it, and the admin-side dashboard doesn’t need to be beautiful.

error when try login as vendor & as seller

Call to undefined function fn_is_user_can_login_as()

Error at
app/controllers/backend/profiles.php, line: 323

File:	app/functions/fn.control.php
Line:	722
Function:	include
File:	app/functions/fn.control.php
Line:	458
Function:	fn_run_controller
File:	admin.php
Line:	21
Function:	fn_dispatch

Hi, can you provide me link to demo?

CS-Cart v4.18.1 not posted yet!!
you said 2 april

We were originally aiming for April 2, but there was a slight change of plans. I’ll probably refrain from naming the next planned date. Rest assured, we’re still going for releasing CS-Cart 4.18.1 as soon as possible (maybe around a couple of weeks from now).

A part of the “change of plans” I mentioned above is to provide a pre-release version of CS-Cart 4.18.1, available to everyone for a limited time. It’s pretty much like this beta, but with the changes we’ve introduced since then. As soon as it’s available, we’ll announce it at the forums.

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It is wonderful that cs-cart supports a wide variety of payment systems, but no payment system module of our country is integrated into the content of this system, which causes cs-cart to lose many users in our country. We look forward to you reviewing this situation and including iyzico and paytr payment systems, two of the most common payment methods serving in our country. 3 party plugins cause a lot of problems. I hope someone hears our voice, respect.

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Moreover i think it would be better to develop it as an admin panel theme instead of a new admin panel. Those who wish can switch to the old version admin panel. just a suggestion

Cs-cart lacks one of the most important functionality, Filtering vendor.

if you search for iyzico payment addon
contact me

any news about release date?

What do you expect on this launch day, in this version only the administration interface is refreshed, while customer experience prioritization is still slow?

We are working on the knowledge base and want to adapt the description to the new version.

I’ve been wrong about it before, so I won’t be naming a specific date (the upgrades are rolled out gradually anyway). But we do intend to release version 4.18.1 as soon as possible. Once the first upgrades are available, we’ll announce it in our blog and/or at this forum. Emails usually come later, when anyone can upgrade.

Thank you for your feedback.

  • Regarding Iyzico, I understand how having an integration in the product by default is better than relying on an add-on, and we can consider it for the future.

    However, third-party solutions offer some advantages too. They are available immediately (rather than “at an undetermined time in the future”), can work on past CS-Cart versions (as opposed to being a part of an upgrade), and any updates or problem fixes can also come sooner. There are currently at least two integrations with Iyzico available with CS-Cart.

  • As for making the new admin panel design optional, we that is indeed the best possible solution. We did consider it, but ultimately decided to make the switch from old admin panel to a new one in version 4.18.1.

The full and up-to-date list of changes in version 4.18.1 will be available on launch day. The key features of version 4.18.1 will be covered in the blog article, which we’ll release on the launch day (we’ll announce it at the forums too).

Is there a planned release date for the 4.18.2 version?

I can’t name a specific date at this point. But it would be reasonable to expect CS-Cart 4.18.2 within 2 or 3 months from the release of 4.18.1.