Pre-Release Version of CS-Cart 4.18.1 Available

A couple of months ago we released CS-Cart 4.18.1 Beta. Below you’ll find a version with all the latest changes since then. For developers, we’ve updated the list of technical changes in version 4.18.1.

Hi! We’ve prepared a pre-release version of CS-Cart 4.18.1. It is as close as possible to what you’ll get when version 4.18.1 hits the Upgrade Centers.

This pre-release is mainly for third-party developers, to let them test their add-ons. It can also help those who develop projects on CS-Cart know what to expect. We’re making this pre-release version available to everyone, in case you’d like to check out the admin panel that’ll ship with CS-Cart 4.18.1.

To try the pre-release:

  1. Download and install one of the following products:

  2. After installing, use the following license keys:

    • For Store Builder: CS-BETA-Q8YT-9R8R-F202-8J6M
    • For Multi-Vendor: MV-ULT-BETA-74TM-9T30-Q701-62FD

    WARNING: Don’t use these keys in your live stores. Upgrading a live store in this way will cause technical issues later on.

The keys for testing will only work until the official release of CS-Cart 4.18.1. This will give you at least a week in advance to try the new version on a test installation. Feel free to share your feedback in this topic.

this key’ll work for updating from Upgrade center!!?

This key should only be used on a test installation that you download with the links from the opening post. Using it in any other way will result in a lot of unforeseen consequences.

  • If you use this key and upgrade a test copy of your store, you’ll most likely end up with the old 4.18.1 Beta.
  • If you use it in your live store, it will break the store later on. To a point that even our Customer Care might not be able to help.

P.S. Thank you for bringing this up. I’ve added an explicit warning not to use this test key in a live store (just like in the Beta article).

i tell you That, because I already do upgrade from 4.17.2.SP2 to old 4.18.1.beta on a live marketplace

In this case, it might not be too late to restore a pre-upgrade version from a backup (especially if there haven’t yet been any orders). After the upgrade, CS-Cart software sends you a link for restoring from a backup. Or you can contact your hosting provider (if your hosting does backups for you) and ask them to restore any backup before the time you did the upgrade.

It is ok to upgrade a test copy of your live store using these keys. But the Beta (especially the old one) doesn’t receive patches or support, and it may lack some functionality and polish of the full release.

because i use many addons on my marketplace, i do manual update of files & database by migrate the database script code to sql , & there is no important updates on database, also i have a backup off files before upgrade