Cart Written 301 Redirects Not Working

This has been causing me problems in two areas and finally found out it has something to do with redirects that the cart is writing.

Had a problem with new products not showing up in the main category: New Products Not Showing In Categories - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

Also had problems when changing the main category of a product a different category: Changing Main Category Of Products = Seo Problems - SEO - CS-Cart Community Forums

I have traced this all down to the redirects now working properly. When I go into the 301 Redirects area of the admin, it shows that the old redirect should point to the right product but even if I cut an paste the old url into the address bar it is not redirecting. I have not found one that works yet in random testing. Anyone ever seen this?

Provide some examples

I'm having the same issues as described. Tho - haven't narrowed it down to redirects yet.

Okay, it ended up being an issue with with a mod that was custom developed for me where I have a short url for search terms will show results for said search term. I thought that may be the issue since it wasn't giving me a 404 page but a search results page. Techs fixed the issue and is working properly now.