Why is there only ONE web host recommended by CS-Cart

CS-Cart provide a link to compatible hosting providers.

Compatible Hosting Providers

As you can see, the requirements for the web server environment are quite typical. Thousands of hosting providers meet them. But if you can’t decide on the hosting for your web store, please consider a compatible hosting provider from our compatible hosting list.
There is only ONE on their list and that is CS-cart.
Does this mean all other hosts are useless ?

What is this Ansible playbooks thing ?
My current store is running as slow as poison and trying to get help is disgustingly difficult.


Well since cs-cart is now also hosting they are obviously promoting themselves.

If you need a good pro host who knows cs-cart in and out I totally recommend Zahid hosting though. I am very happy with them. Never got as good personal attention and … tuning of my store before!


+1000 for zahid.host - they are simply the best! Great support 24h through chat and they know what they are doing.

Btw, I’m not affiliated with them in any way - I’m simply impressed with their service. If you will contact them on chat https://zahid.host/ they will prepare you testing instance with your live store to compare the speed within 1h :wink:

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Well, this is awkward :sweat_smile:

You’ve quoted a part of our documentation, specifically: CS-Cart System Requirements — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation

For a time, we would review how CS-Cart fared on various hostings, and put some of them on the “Recommended hosting providers” list. Hence the wording. Its point was actually the opposite:

Any hosting will do, as long as it meets CS-Cart system requirements.

Now that we no longer maintain the list of recommended hosting providers, the wording in the docs is obsolete.

Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve forwarded it to the people who are handling the documentation (used to be me back in the days I’m talking about).

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CS-Cart as software has a simple and clear environment, you can run the demo on any cheap virtual hosting. But if your project is more complicated than the demo you must evaluate the resources of your server more correctly.

We support many projects based on CS-Cart and based on these cases we made specialized containers with specially designed environments for the most effective working with this software.

But this is only a small piece of the task for making a quick website. We have CDN for boosting static file delivery, DDOS/Bad bot protection system, caching system, monitoring system, backups on remote servers, complicated monitoring system, and many other services not used by default on hosting services.

So, this is very complicated to recommend what exactly you need - simple hosting for a simple project or complicated scale service for effective business tasks.

Also I’m very glad that our clients recommend our service, very gratefully for your respond.

If you will be interested in our service, we are always welcome.

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“specially designed environments for the most effective working with this software”

I understand most of what you say CDN Backups etc

But can you give an example of a special environment? What does that mean?.

I mean that we made fine-tune OS parameters, PHP/DB configuration tuning based on CPU/RAM limits and etc. Also for example we don’t use Apache, by default all work on Nginx and etc., specific hardware for the most effective database working.

Thank you for the clarification.


I am curious how many seconds on average does it take the CS cart websites of your clients top load?

Assuming say 5,000 products and 20,000 photos?

Hello, your question is not clear. What do you mean? A good result for page generation time is around 400ms. If you ask about the products import, it depends on a big count of variables, at first, this is the images source speed, the count of features and variations, and many others. This not makes sense to analyze. You can take a test server and check it all 7 days for free.

I am sorry if I am not clear:

If you sit at a desk and type a url and click enter - how long do your CS carts on your servers take to fully load on average? Assuming again 5,000 products and 20,000 photos? You can assume lots of features.

I consider 1 second to be fine for the average website visitor.

Not sure what you mean by product import - to me importing is something done on the back end I am only asking about the visitor experience.

Thank you!

Sorry, this is difficult to find exactly 5000 products and 20000 photos project, but I found most close to this what I found in 5min.

This project has 62k products and 30k images as you can see.

This website is not very well optimized and page generation-delivery time takes around 500ms, but all page loading takes 1s. This value depends basically on frontend optimization. If you have problems with your java scripts, external requests and etc this can create delays and slow requests. Sent me your domain name I’ll check it moment.

Many thanks for your answer!

Note I did not mean exactly a certain amount of products and photos - so your answer is perfect.

I will email you.

In my case I would be trying your startup plan.
Would the free trial have the same environment that I would eventually have
once I signed up for money ?
I wouldn’t like to test drive a Ferrari then be sold a Skoda…lol

Also, what are the options for SSL ?
I am currently on a free SSL.

We will make a standard server based on a selected plan that you can use all time, but the first 7 days are not calculated in the invoice that’s all. We work on a postpaid system so you don’t lose your money. We have a free SSL from Let`s Encrypt, so you don’t need additional SSL setups. When you will be ready we can prepare the server and help migrate your website. For this need make an account at https://zahid.host/signup and send credentials from the current hosting to support@zahid.host or our chat on the website. After migration, you will need to change NS on your domain, that’s all.

So, my current web site would stay when it is and you would copy it to your server ?

I am curious how many seconds on average does it take the CS cart websites of your clients top load?.


Yes, we can make a test copy before the full migration.

I can attest to that conclusion as well. I would recommend Zahid as well.
No too expensive in what you get for your “cash”.

I contacted zahid and was pleasantly surprise to be able to chat immediately with a knowledgeable person. I was ready to sign up for their services but… they don’t have email services available. That was a deal breaker for me.