Why is there only ONE web host recommended by CS-Cart

Agreed he is very friendly and helpful but no email service and no 24 hour telephone service in English is a deal breaker.

I suggest he raise his rates if need be to hire more staff.

Personally, I never had any issue with Zahid, hosting is relatively fast and we never had problems with managing it.

I agree there is no issue at all with Zahid (he seems very nice and helpful) but there is an issue with all web hosts that don’t have 24 hour phone service and email support.

You might be better off going with colocation if you have tech skills

I say almost because if you don’t have tech skills limited support is better than no support. But there are many hosts with quick 24 hour phone and email support.

After calling Linode, now part of Akamai, I learned their VPS is Linux based. Since I don’t have interest in learning about Linux, the gentleman answering the phone put me in contact with a company that uses their servers but who managed the VPS. I contacted Fast Comet. Chat is immediate. They offer email services and Cpanel at no charge. And pricing is very reasonable.
Hope this helps folks in search of a hosting company that don’t nickel and dime you. The hosting company I have been using for the past 14 years starting to charge for cpanel yearly then added a fee for payment by CC. Then to add insult to injury they were charging for a certain number of days every so often resulting in a totally confusing and impossible way to know how much they were charging monthly.This whole thing was simply an extortion. Good riddance!

I am confused why would a Linux based system be a problem when your hosting is managed? You have no need to know Linux at all.

Also CS cart suggests Linux based systems it will run on a Windows based system but not as well.

From CS Cart:

" CS-Cart shopping cart software works well on Unix-like operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X) . These systems are scalable, more secure, and offer better performance. Although CS-Cart does work on Windows, we do not recommend it."

I think you misread what I wrote. I stated Linode/Akamai servers used Linux. If you sign up directly with them you need to know about Linux… which I don’t want to. Hence, why the gentleman from Linode/Akamai recommended me to reach out to Fast Comet. Fast Comet uses Akamai servers BUT they, meaning Fast Comet, manage the VPS for you!

I read the CS-Cart warning totally differently from you: “Although CS-Cart does work on Windows, we do not recommend it” Works on Windows… but we do NOT recommend it"

I agree with you I don’t want to learn how to manage a Linux system.

I am not sure but I think both of us understand the Windows comment - works but not suggested…

If I understand you correctly the problem was not being Linux based but being unmanaged?

Managed hosts are good - I agree. Even if you are good with technology having support can allow you to focus on what you do best…

If Fast Comet works for you without phone support then that is good. I type with two fingers and will never use a host that does not have fast 24 hour phone support… The phone support costs extra but for me that is fine as I would be lost just using chat.

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