Wholesale And Retail Product Settings

Hi all,

I have 2 front ends. One for retail and one for wholesale. Say for example Cigarette pack. Retail customer should be able to buy 1 pack and wholesaler should by a bundle of 10 packs. How do I configure the product settings for two frontend and how do I maintain the inventory.

There's a min quantity setting, but you will have to manage the products separately in each store to use it.

You could do this in a single storefront with our Group Minimum Orders addon. Right now the addon works off of total price in cart (i.e. wholesale group must order minimum of $200), but could be extended to allow you to specify the minimum quantity for specific products without too much customization expense.

still no help. I mean in the wholesale shop this cigerrette only bundle should be bought. 1 bundle=10 pack. If customer needs a little more he has to buy 20 pack, 30 pack and so on. only multiples of 10 should be possible in this case. A customer shouldnt be able to buy 22 packs.

on the Retail store front end. should be able to buy individual packs

in the products details “product quantity step” and minimum order qty


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in the products details “product quantity step” and minimum order qty



If i setup minimum quantity as 10 then the customer will be able to buy 11. I dont want this. I want my customers to buy in multiples of 10 only. 10 or 20 or 30.

I am struggling with similar questions.

How will you set different prices for the wholesale website? I assume that you do not want to confuse your wholesale customers with retail prices.

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I am struggling with similar questions.

How will you set different prices for the wholesale website? I assume that you do not want to confuse your wholesale customers with retail prices.


I wish somebody will help us. Lets hope for the best

The problem is I choose CS-Cart but now i regret as there is no much options what i am looking for. I also confirmed with the support team before buying. Now i am left and couldnt complete my online shop.

My question is simple.

I have a store outlet (I have about upto 50 customers visiting daily)

I want a retail online shop only for individual people

I want a wholesale online shop only for people with business

I want all these to be under one stock or one Inventory system and billing sytem.

I need some real guidance to understand if I am on the right track choosing CS-CART.

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I wish somebody will help us. Lets hope for the best


I already did help but you didnt listen…

quantity step and minimum order…it works i use it


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I have 2 front ends. How do I configure the product settings for two frontend and how do I maintain the inventory.


CS-Cart v4 (or v3 Ultimate) SHARES the inventory between multiple stores. If you have TWO different licenses for CS-Cart, you need to combine them into ONE license with two storefronts and share the database (and therefore the inventory). CS-Cart licensing support can help you with combining two licenses into one with two storefronts.

Is there a particular reason you want to manage two stores to do this versus simply using groups to identify wholesale customers?

You might have to do some small custom extensions (or buy addons) to address things like group minimum pricing (or quantities). But overall, much of what I think you want already exists by utilizing groups (unless you want a whole different look/feel for wholesale versus retail).

Because my price is different for shops and wholesalers. And High for retail customers. I dont want to my customer to get confused. Its better my retail customers doesnt have to know that I have an wholesale website

@ravindraw - you're aguring against having multiple site and not using user groups.

If you used a “wholesale” group then anonymous shoppers would see retail and any registered user whom you have not assigned to “wholesale” will see retail. But users in the “wholesale” group will see wholesale pricing (or other qualified information).


Do you recommend using Catalog Promotions with the wholesale user group to change pricing?

I've set up Catalog Promotions for 2 different wholesale user groups: one with 40% off retail, the other 50% off retail. I was also able to add conditions that limited the inventory at this price (some stuff just can't be wholesaled).

Can you assign different inventory pricing for companies in multi-storefronts sharing one back end?

Not sure about promotions… I was referring to the pricing matrices that exist in the cart that allows you to set pricing for specific groups. I've done some custom imports for folks that let them submit huge tables of data where the various columns represent the “group” to apply the discounted price to. It is an absolute value setting.

I've never tried to do it with promotions… I must be misunderstanding the question…

May be you havent understood me right

I am looking for product bundling or product packaging.

Correct, I guess I have no idea what you're asking? You mentioned store fronts in your OP and then discussed separate pricing for wholesale/retail. Now you're talking about bundles… Sorry, can't help.

I run various companies, including retail stores and a distribution center. It seems to me that CS-Cart does not have the functionality to cater to wholesale companies. My wholesale company supplies my brick and mortar retail stores, my online stores, as well as external wholesale customers. My wholesale company is a different entity/company and therefore should have a dedicated front end.

The difference between retail and wholesale customers:[list=1]

[]Retail need prices including tax. wholesale need prices excluding tax

]VAT check & companies house check is needed for wholesale

[]Wholesale customers do not buy single products. They buy a large number of products. Can be hundreds of different products. Hence they rarely go to the product page because there is no time or use for that. They order from the category page.

]Wholesale customers do not chose product options. They buy multiple or all product options. They need to be able to order options from category page.

[]Wholesale customer buy products and product packages. i.e. display boxes, cartons, pallets.

]Wholesale customers repeatedly buy the same products and should be able to quickly see the products they normally buy and be able to quickly reorder the same products.

[]SKU / product codes / EAN are important for wholesale customer only.

]Wholesale customers with websites need image files for products.

[]Wholesale customers are predictable in when they will be out of stock.

]Wholesale customers are not interested if you have more than 1 product in stock. They need to know if stock is low, medium or high.

[]It frequently happens that a wholesale customer orders quantities that are no longer in stock.

]Wholesale order totals are much higher. Expensive or insecure payment methods are not used. Its mostly online bank transfers. It would work to just turn off the payment functionality.

[]Wholesale orders need to be transferred to ERP / CRM

]Wholesale customers order promotional items. (posters, flyers, POS stuff)

[]Shipping insurance is vital. Something that I can never get to work in CS-Cart.

]Wholesale customer may have their package picked up by their shipping forwarder.

[*]Consumer protection does not apply and different RMA terms apply.


I think the largest challenge is to provide a category display that caters to wholesale customers.

Thanks for the clearer description.

Reading what you want above, it sounds like you want a filter between your products and checkout that can build the items in the order based on a particular wholesale customer's needs and preferences.

Other than the “bulk ordering” elements above, how do user-groups NOT support your needs?

You could use a variety of hooks to change settings on the fly for things like displaying prices with VAT depending on their user-group and their having a VAT code on file, etc.

#13 sounds like either an API implementation (from the ERP/CRM system) or a custom integration (more likely) to the external system.

Just a reminder that the primary market for cs-cart is for small ecommerce merchants to run an online business. All things like inventory mangaement, accounting, CRM, etc. are only done to the degree necessary to check the box. Their focus is on checkout and presentation of products for sale.

Your needs may have surpassed what cs-cart can provide. But if you're going to sync everything with an ERP/CRM system, why not just have 2 sites and let the integration keep them in sync with reality.

Only approved resellers should be able to view any prices. Wholesale customers will apply for an account. All approved customers in this store will be wholesale customers.

The retail prices however should not used at all by the wholesale store. Retail prices can cause conflict for wholesale customers if there is little margin between wholesale price and our retail prices.

It seems to me that user groups will need to be used, but on first sight it seems very limited. I see in the knowledge base that you can use usergroups to apply discounts. This is not useful for wholesale. I also see that its possible to turn categories or products on/off based on groups. That may be useful. Clicking on a customer group does not give any permission settings. What else can I do with it?

Like the example by ravindran above, its needed that certain product options are disabled for wholesale orders, so that the customer will not buy single products, but only product options that resemble larger quantities. We have made most display boxes etc as product options. I guess this can be done with an addon.

It also seems to me that entering retail and wholesale prices, retail and wholesale quantity discounts for products and options for different usergroups can get confusing and time consuming if it needs to be done on the product page and options page. You wrote about a way to do this from a spreadsheet?

#13 is not too difficult as most ERP / CRM systems have csv, xml, edi import. Plus CSC has an API now.

I see that the main market for CSC is mainly smaller stores. However, I see that several of the more active people on this forum have grown their CSC store to the point where they are accepting wholesale orders. I dont think its an exotic need. I dont expect CSC to cater to the need either. I have seem some addon solutions for woocommerce, but I'd rather be able to work with the product database already in CSC.