Where can I find the variable for the company email to use in the footer of the email


Where can I find the variable for the company email to use in the footer of the email template? {{ company_data.company_website }} prints indeed the URL for the website but {{ company_data.company_email }} doesn’t work. Why is there no list of these variables somewhere?



You can use these variables:

{{ company.users_department_display }}
{{ company.site_administrator_display }}
{{ company.orders_department_display }}
{{ company.support_department_display }}
{{ company.newsletter_email_display }}

Agree list is needed … I’ve added these to

None of these work

I also tried

{{ company_data.newsletter_email_display }}

but that also doesn’t work, it doesn’t print the variable

The list of all available variables can be found in the Documents:

Sorry, I don’t know, it works for me.

Delete /var/cache/

Ignore: More characters.

Finally found the right format for company info in the email template. this works:

  1. {{ company_data.company_users_department }}
  2. {{ company_data.company_site_administrator }}
  3. {{ company_data.company_orders_department }}
  4. {{ company_data.company_support_department }}
  5. {{ company_data.company_newsletter_email }}

its weird that this information is so hard to find

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That would be handy.


I have MVE 16.1 and I don’t have such options … or a side bar?

The detailed list of available variables is available in Documents: Administration > Notifications > Documents.

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Those variables only work in the documents, they do not work in the e-mail templates. There are variables that do work in the email templates as you can see in my post above, but they are not listed anywhere as far as I can see. I only found the ones for email by trial and error. I would like a similar extensive list of variables as is available for the documents but then for the email templates, then you can use things like tracking codes in the emails

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