Possible to add city tab on view orders list?

is it possible to have city name tab after customer phone number in view orders?

Quite small code modification is required to do it

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You can add this field to the orders list.


possible to know what is this code and where to place it?

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To add this field to that page you need to do the following:

  1. You will need to extend the fn_get_orders function via hook get_orders. There, you need to add the s_city field to the list of selected fields in the $fields variable, based on the conditions when orders are being selected from the orders.manage page.
  2. Once added, you can use this field in the design/backend/templates/views/orders/manage.tpl template, more preferable - make the necessary changes via hooks orders:manage_header and orders:manage_data. There you will be able to use the $o.s_field variable.