Warehoses addon do not work

FedEx shipping in warehouse add-on is not working.
Added Poland warehouse rate area and added shipping area to shipping rates.
FedEx shipping is not counted at all.
Checking the log, there is Storefront address, and the shipping method is set to Fedex Priority, but there is shipping with Connect plus.
in other words. This addon does not work properly.
I think I’ll need to add more code to enable FedEx shipping.
Is there any way to do that?
thank you

The rate area should be listed in the warehouse’s Ship to setting, in order to be listed in the Stores & Warehouses of this rate area.

If you look at the screenshot I posted above, there is a ship to setting… no problem.


In the log, the request was made not from Poland, but from the storefront address.

From the previous screenshot I see exactly opposite to what you have provided in the new screenshot. However in any case I was unable to reproduce this issue.