Vendor/Supplier Reports Only

What about generating reports filtered by vendor/supplier since you are adding in the supplier/drop ship module? It would be nice to see a report on one particular dropshipper/vendor/supplier.

Unfortunately, as far as I can find this has still not been addressed. I’d love to be able to create vendor sales reports, but it is just not possible.

In your store, who is the dropshipper/supplier? Are you using the standard “Suppliers” add-on?
Also, from what I know, vendors can check their sales reports in their vendor panel. (tab Orders → Sales reports)

The suppliers module is deprecated (though CS-Cart are seeking feedback on if they should do so, I recall a topic a while back on some stores saying they value the feature).

@CS-Cart_team I don’t use the suppliers add-on, but I think I might if I ever manage to build my store up.

@soft-solid the path you mention is a list as opposed to a report (doesn’t do totals)

cs-cart stated back in January

We do have plans to revise the accounting in Multi-Vendor, but there is no exact date for when there will be news on this topic. An announcement will be made when there is news worthy of such an announcement. :slight_smile:

@cs-cart, might be a opportunity to consider adding totals to filtered list of orders #feature request

I just had a idea that I posted in this topic

I am afraid, but I cannot understand what exactly do you want to add? As far as I know, filter and search parameter Total is already present at the Orders page. And also I cannot link this request to the topic of this thread, so I am a bit confused :smiley: Could you please clarify your request?

@cs-carft I think the totals are there as a given formula but you can’t get a view of a vendor by period (and presumably same for a supplier), though I may have missed something? i.e.

  • in vendor panel there is a total for life of vendor, not for a period.
  • in shopfront admin there is a report with total periods but you can’t filter down to a single vendor/supplier.

Now I see your point, and I have added this feedback to the task where accounting is being reworked.

Thanks for clarifying!

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