Reporting - lets make it great!

Over time there have been heaps of requests for improved reporting.

Back in January @cs-cart stated

We do have plans to revise the accounting in Multi-Vendor, but there is no exact date for when there will be news on this topic. An announcement will be made when there is news worthy of such an announcement. :slight_smile:

This thread is for anyone (not just developers) to post SQL queries and a one paragraph description that generates desired information … this will mean that cs-cart (or other developers) can build an add-on that generates the reports the community want/need … and in the meantime people that don’t have the knowledge of SQL/cs-cart structure to generate them themselves can get some reports (… for those so challenged actually running a SQL query is simple, google running SQL in [myphp admin - if you have cpanel]).

If you’re looking for extended reporting, we have an add-on that may be useful for you :slight_smile:

We can also add new reports to it, if you have a specific request.

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