Vendor Logo Sizes

Searched the forum and the the documentation, can't believe that it's not in there.

I'm trying to figure out the sizes of the logo for vendor's shop pages and the sizes for logos for invoices.

Vendor logo template:


Invoice logo is located here:



I wasn't asking where to find this. I was asking what is the best size for the image to use in these? Templates don't give me the size.

Actually it depends on the theme you use. On the default responsive theme we recommend to use minimal width for the vendor logo = 280px and 160px for the invoice logo

I see, thank you!

@ecomlabs do you know where can be set the logo size?

@CS-Cart_team can do something about this to add a setting where to change logo size for vendors?
There are at least 3 post on the same topic

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Could you please clarify where exactly do you want to change it?

and here

Thanks for clearing out.

Don’t know about the UniTheme, but in the default themes, you can make an override of the design/themes/responsive/templates/common/company_data.tpl template, and in the following code:

{capture name="logo_`$obj_id`"}
    {if $show_logo}
        {if $show_links}<a class="ty-company-image-wrapper" href="{"companies.products?company_id=`$company.company_id`"|fn_url}">{/if}
            {include file="common/image.tpl" images=$company.logos.theme.image image_width="120" class="ty-company-image"}
        {if $show_links}</a>{/if}

replace the image_width="120" with the required width value.

why don t you include a setting in cs cart to do this?

That’s a nice question. I have created a feature request to create such a setting.

@CS-Cart_team any news with this request?

No, I am afraid, but there are no news :frowning:


I need to display next to vendor company name also the contact information
so I neet to change here design/themes/responsive/templates/common/company_data.tpl template
Do you know the variable name for first name and last of the vendor contact?

Thank you!


Since it is not related to the vendor itself (a company) but to the specific vendor administrator, there is no such data in that template.

You can add it manually, for example, by getting information about the main vendor administrator of this vendor. For instance, something like this:

{$vendor_admin_info = fn_get_user_short_info(fn_get_company_admin_user_id($company.company_id))}

In this variable there will be a content of the following fields of this vendor admin: