Seller Logo Image Size

Hi There!

Does any one know how to change seller's thumbnail logo image size, right now it is being changed to 120 X 75 px, I need to change that, the Settings--General--Thumbnails page does not have anything in regards to seller logo, only products and categories.


vendor's logos appear in 3 pages, I need to maintain the same logo image quality across all of them

Any ideas! I tried replacing thumbnails manually, did not work, I cleared also the thumbnails data did not work.

Block on the main page

see last point

Vendor microstore

The image width is adjusted to column size (3 in your case)

Vendor details page


change the following value here


Thanks for the response!

I changed it, cleared the cache! and the issue persists.

Try to delete the var/cache directory manually

Great it worked perfectly

Thanks very very much!!

I can see the changes. Images are not blurred now