Vendor Default Logo


In 4.11.4 Multivendor the vendor default logo is the store logo.

Previously, it used the logo of the theme, thus it was possible to enter

a have a default logo for vendors different to the store logo.

"Multi-Vendor: Vendors: Logos: Now the logo of the marketplace will serve as the default logo for vendors, instead of the logo of the theme."

So, how can we have a default vendor logo different to the store logo???

Maybe somebody could post code on how to do this

in an update_company hook or something given an image file in a directory...

Also posted this here:


You can use a php hook to alter 'company_data' and change the 'company_default_logo' to whatever you want.


where is the company_data company_default_logo property?

I can't find it.

When a vendor is created, the system automatically assigns a logo (and mail logo) image to the vendor,

by making copies of the store logo and assigning them to these logo and mail logo of vendor.

This is the image I want to change. I don't want it to use the store logo, I want it to use

another image.


Looks like all references are to the theme logo. If you are using standard MVE, I don't think you can adjust the theme per vendor. You get to purchase MVE Ultimate. But since I don't have that version, I really can't say. I must have been referencing an older version where default_company data was provided for each company/storefront. But that doesn't seem to exist anymore and was probably moved to the ULTIMATE version of MVE.

Ooooohhhhhhh this should not be that hard.

Isn't there somebody who understands that code?

Yes, I have version Ultimate, but there is no need for

"adjust the theme per vendor"

in what I am asking.

I just asking for a method (code) to use my default image when the vendor is created instead of the store logo.

It all happens on


called by fn_update_company()

The correct place would be in the function fn_create_theme_logos_by_layout_id() in fn.common.php. However this doesn't have any hooks within it.

The next level to go after would be in fn_get_logos() and utilize one of the hooks there.

And the next level would be to use update_company hook in fn_update_company() function in fn.companies.php

So as you can see, your request is not as simple as you might think. Most likely you will have to do several DB queries to set your default image and to associate it with the company. You will have to be careful that when you delete a company that your implementation does not delete your default thereby affecting other vendors.