Upgrade from 4.16.1 - 4.16.2 admin 404 is cdn enabled

Store builder , PHP Version 7.4.33
after upgrade to 4.16.2 after upgrade if cdn is enabled , error on chorme, edge and firefox, CDN used is Amazon cloudfront
restore database = 404
change order status = 404
Save changes doesnt work Screenshot by Lightshot
User group edits doesnt work
Save customer data doesnt work
Cant remove tick from CDN to fix, so had to restree database from PHPmyadmin as restre in admin doesnt work.
dispatch=companies.update&company_id=1 doesnt show any details to enable to open store after upgrade

Looks like a server side issue. At first, make sure that the server meets CS-Cart requirements

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even such a small upgrade from .16.1 to .16.2 could do this ?

Looks like this is some kind of the server side issue.

I opened a support ticket .Eugen says it isnt happening for them but I have tried 4 pcs…3 browsers and 3 different IP addresses ? Very strange

I may assume that if my colleague Eugen has not been able to reproduce this problem, it may indeed be caused by the static files (such as CSS and JS) being cached by the Amazon CDN. In this case, I can recommend that you ask him to disable the CDN in your installation for you, so that you can check if everything works as intended without CDN.

Hi…yes that makes sense as I copied some folders to another directory and managed to turn off the CDN by pointing the config.local to the same database with copied files as a new store.
I’m still baffled that if inturn the CDN back on the whole site becomes unusable.

It was just a small upgrade from 4.16.1 to 4.16.2

It’s perfectly usable as it is now but when Futher upgrades come I wonder.

So I guess when upgrading if you have CDN enabled …turn it off first as with it turned on when I couldn’t re open the store.

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Well, I can just say a big thanks to Eugen @ CS , we had many exchanges on messaging and it was an annoying thing, but not ctitical as we were working it out on my Dev.

In the end it seems it was just a cache issue and conflict with my CDN, NOW…bear in mind I had tried this on my works pcs aswell as at home, so I ruled out browser cache.
Eugen got me to send him a HAR file from the offending page Screenshot by Lightshot
and 2 js files were trying to load.

SO thanks to Eugen, appreciate it and Ive learned something new.


I have exactly the same issue! I did a small upgrade. My server support team and Cs-cart support can both view aspects of the admin that I cannot eg. unable to view product images, login to vendor accounts, view messages etc. The CDN was enabled and I couldn’t disable it so cs-cart support disabled it. Back to normal. However my site images load slowly now affecting UX. They told me that I need to clear the cache by the AWS CDN. Ok, however, the first 1k invalidations are free more than that the charge is 0.005 per validation. Since I have over 107k products this amounts to paying Amazon over $550. So this small upgrade will leave me substantially out of pocket for merely upgrading the version! And like you mentioned, will this occur every time with an upgrade?
I thought of closing my current AWS Cloudfront CDN account because of the cost to clear the cache and open a new account. I’ll just have to keep doing this closing and opening new Cloudfront account every time there is an upgrade.

Surely this needs reproting as a bug, if the site cant be upgraded if cdn enabled?

I will def hold off on the CDN thing. Sounds like a real can of worms just now.


What do you mean by slow loading?

My site loads but not so fast and I use Amazon CDN.

As an example a page could have 60 product photos and they will all load like a waterfall one after another and be finished in a few seconds but the site does not load all at once…

initially it was loading slow without aws cdn but since I have opened a new was cdn account and it is now loading relatively fast

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Thank you all for all the feedback, I have forwarded it to the developers.

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Instead of invalidating the cache on the CDN side, the developers added versioning for CSS and JS files. So each cache is cleared, the name of the CSS/JS file will be different. Please apply the attached .diff file in order to apply the necessary changes in the code. The fix itself will be included into 4.17.1
1672845bb2a778d19bfae38e77f90628927d5b62.diff (1.3 KB)

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