Unneccessary 301 Redirects Created

I posted this issue years ago but nobody ever read/responded to it and I guess it got tossed during the forum swap. The reason for bringing it up again is because, for one, it’s still an issue but there is another situation occurring now with the Advance products import.

First the original issue from years ago. If your SEO name setting is set to not use categories, whenever you change a products category (whether individually, in bulk or import), a 301 redirect is being created redirecting to the same URL.

/same-url → http:www.example.com/same-url

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Thanks for your report!

I was able to reproduce this and passed this issue to the developers. You can apply the attached .diff with a quick fix, in order to fix this issue in your installation before the official fix will be provided.
f44f0d27aaf3a5dd18cf4b5c63a56c27a8fd8b6b.diff (668 Bytes)

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