T-Shirt / Product Designer Addon

Has anyone investigated creating or having built, a module to allow customers to create a custom t-shirt similar to customink.com?

I dont sell t shirts but that would be cool to have

we do personalize the printing

[quote name=‘salukicentral’]Has anyone investigated creating or having built, a module to allow customers to create a custom t-shirt similar to Custom T-shirts - Design T-shirts, Apparel & Promo Products Online

These are custom solutions and can be done. More details and discussions to understand exact customer requirements will only make it possible.

I would love to see this mod I would even pay we make T-Shirts and can make custom T-Shirts very easy.

The only thing needed is a way for it to load special fonts so the end user can use them to design there shirt and upload logo’s front, back, side option, etc. It would be a cool add on another one would be for like print shops that want there customers to be able to uploade and proof there art work say for a biz car or flyer or poster before going to print.

Just some ideas we do both of these things but more on a custom level and customer per customer base at the time.

I don’t have time to work on this mod now but i’m willing to help pitch in funds to get this started, who else is in? does smavtron want to be the lead programmer?, if so we’ll need a quote, otherwise cs-dev can provide one ect…

Yes, we can do it.

Someone needs to take a lead and send us the requirements and we go from there. We will discuss to finalize the requirements and quote before we get into development mode.

email me at sales@topcoderpro.com.

I envision a system like customink.com or [url]http://www.amazingscripts.com/designer/app/index.php[/url]

If you look through what the amazingscripts version does, that pretty much sums it up for me. It just needs to integrate into CS-Cart for look and feel and for payment.

Admin for it is here: [url]http://www.amazingscripts.com/tsadmin.htm[/url]

From what I have been reading on another forum, someone is claiming foul on amazingscripts (infogatesoftware.com looks to be the “real” company) and is suing customers that purchase this software. Code can be had for $2400, but I thought that was a bit steep, especially since it would have to be integrated in CS after that. That’s a whole lot of t-shirt sales to make up that kind of cash…


There is a mod for OSCommerce that isn’t very robust looking. I can’t find the link now… If I dig it up, I’ll post it. Maybe something can me gleaned from it.


I would love to have something like this

but i don’t sell t shirts, i print them all the time because i have a press laying around

but if this could be worked so i can add my products that would be great

like mugs, glasses ect…

anyone here sell custom shirts?

how do you have cs cart set up so people can personalize them?

I don’t sell shirts so i not competition :wink:

just pm me

if cs cart can have this mod for a low price i see a niche market

Anyone ready to take the lead and get this started?

Infogate is telling me they can mod their product to work in CS, but it’s still going to cost me over $1500. I’d rather see that kind of money turn out something that more people can benefit from.

I’m not capable of coding it myself, so if someone is ready, I’ll help on the feature/wish list side.


I am interested

for $1500 is that just for your site or can others use it?

is the $1500 for the script and mod or just to mod it to work for cs cart?

can you send me a link to the script/demo?

$1500 for one site. That is the initial cost plus extra to make it work in CS-Cart.

Personally, I’d rather have someone here code it and a few pitch in to pay for it. I know it’s kind of re-inventing the wheel, but I’d be more comfortable that it will work and we can get mods made to it easier.

I’d pony up to help pay for it.

this mod can be made alot simpler then the example shown, all you need to be able to do is upload a background picture, for example a blank t-shirt and then have the ability using css to put text over top of the image, customers can type text in an input field, choose fonts ect… and click a reload button to see the changes…I could at least get the base code working but I don’t have a timeframe as I’m working on converting several sites over to 1.3.5 and re-working tons of addons to work on 1.3.5 also…ugh…lol

I have never seen it done in .css

because people add clip art too

The problem with people uploading their own clipart is the loss of quality control that occurs. **** in, **** out. If you accept a bad piece of art, it might be impossible to get a good quality print out of it. Personally, I’d be okay not allowing customers to upload art. If they want to use their own art, they would need to contact us about it first.

I actually printed a shirt for a lady last week with an image she brought in… She took a picture of show on her big screen TV and wanted it put on a shirt… Copyright issues aside, it was a horrible print, but she wanted it anyway as a gag gift…

I get people bringing in postage stamp size web images all of the time and want them enlarged and printed on t-shirts…

I don’t want to sacrifice quality just for the sake of the novelty of being able to design a shirt online.


I meant people add clip art as in our clip art

lol but I know what you mean we get a lot of 72 dpi logos the people just pull out of web pages, with 6 colors. my favorite is “my kid drew this and i would like to get it printed”

but we use a company to re draw the art averages around $15 per logo and we pass that on to the customer

what did you print it with one of those direct to garment machines?

I saw one of those at SGIA last year

but back onto the mod, what is the link to the other company’s site? i would like to see a demo

We have a Fast T-Jet for direct to T printing. It’s great when it’s working, but the technology isn’t quite there yet. There are several variations out there now, but I think all of them have their own issues, even the $200k + Kornit printers.

so are their any other companies that make a t shirt designer online?

infogate has an ok one kind of confusing to new customers

This site has a pretty cool one


Takes awhile to load

what i meant was are their any companies that sell a script which can be added to cs cart? :wink: