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unique wedding favors | discount favors

Very nice, I love the background.

[quote name=‘killipso’]

unique wedding favors | discount favors[/quote]

Nice one…Added to my list [url][/url]

Just a few problems I noticed:

Search returns 0 results despite using terms that appear in product titles.

Home page central content causes scroll bar at bottom (in FF).

Home page central banner images should link to something.



ps. Congrats to be the first to use 2.0.13 on a live site!

Very nice. Noticed you have a default cs-cart favicon. Changing it would look better.

Thanks all for the compliments and the critisism.

Going to fix couple of the problems that were noticed… TY

I cannot get the site to load at all.

Here you can create a favicon from your image:


[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]I cannot get the site to load at all.[/quote]

Works for me…

I was updating the site.

Changed the way it opens.

{include file=“main.tpl”}

Got rid of all the smarty templates except

{include file=“main.tpl”}

Took alot of tiral and error.

Being that googles update thats been coming called “caffeine” is going to give additional bonus in its algo for fast websiyes I wanted to elimante as many calls to the db as I could.

So possible when you clicked on site it was um err having technical difficulties.

Thanks for the favicon url … Ill check it out now.

You might want to look at your site in IE8. It has a huge white space at the top.


I have IE8 and seems like samll space but using high res so could be it.

I’ll elimate the space . Ty for letting me know, appreciate it.

change the hover color on your navigation links. White on White is really hard to read. Other than that it looks really good.

site looks good. loads slow for me w/firefox.

A small bug in your css file. See attachment.


Lovely site, killipso! I used to sell wedding favors but could not make the product line work for me (of course, you have much classier favors than I did!)

Excellent work on the design.

Ok I looked at that bug attachment and I can’t seem to find it like the image shows.

What browser are you using ?

I can’t fix what I can’t see… ughh

This might just be personal preference, but I would make a custom favicon.

Other than that, looks good.

Beautiful site! Just FYI, your cart dropdown goes behind your top menu. In your css, change to the following:

#cart_status .float-left {
position: relative;
z-index: 25;

The z index will make it go above the menu bar.

The quick cart in the top menu (drop down cart contents) does not work right in Google Chrome

there are also other issues inside Chrome. too many to list on the homepage…