Show random products from Category on Homepage

The cart already has the ability to feature hot deals, new products etc on the homepage or any other page using the product block functionality. The issue is that you have to select either newest, most popular or manually select specific products.

What we are after is the ability to have all products from a specific category show up in the block. So that we could create a featured products category and then our admin users could just add products to that category and they would randomly pull onto the home page etc without needing access to the block section to change what products are featured. Where of course you can really do some serious damage to the site.

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish this? Or a way to mark products as featured without going into the Block Design section of the Admin?


try this for v3

Free Addon: random products for v3 - Third-Party Add-ons - CS-Cart Community Forums

It works fine for me.