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Is anyone aware of an add-on that allows you select which shipping methods are available at the product level and preferably based on the quantity selected?
if qty purchased (1 to 5) then offer shipping method A & B
if qty purchase (6 to 20) then offer shipping method C

This is because my shipping provider (Australia Post) charges based on the greater of weight or cubic weight (size). I don’t want to offer method C (D, E, F etc)^ if it fits in box A & B (nor do I want to offer A & B if they order more than will fit in the dimensions defined for shipping method A & B).

The other option would be to be able to enter product size and have the add-on calculate which shipping methods was cheapest the product could fit into, but I figure that is a lot more complicated.

Add-on should be compatable with fulfilment by marketplace and stores and pick-up points.

Happy to hear other suggestions (aside from creating manual methods as I want live price from Australia post).

I wouldn’t be able to pay for development of an add-on from scratch as I be broke and don’t actually have any customers at this point.

^ as they are expensive and offering too many shipping methods crowds out the checkout

Greetings, chickentwisty!

Closest add-on that can be useful for your goals is our Shipping and Payment Restrictions add-on.

However, there is no quantity selected restriction there, this could be possibly added as a modification.
But if take into accout that different products can have really large weight and volume difference, I believe you can work it out by simply setting restrictions on a product level, e.g. for products with large weight and/or volume value you can ONLY allow shipping method C. If you feel the idea, this could provide a quite good approximation. But in order to make it work precisely, as you said:

We had a client with a similar request and you are correct, this task is not trivial at all and is pretty expensive.

Once again, we are not claiming that our add-on covers everything that you described, but we do recommend to at least take a look at it, check the Docs as this solution is possibly the closest one to your needs.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Best regards,

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Thanks @cart-power, good to see a add-on with such comprehensive documentation. I like the restrict on categories and products feature which may help with another use case. You’re right that it doesn’t address my specific case but it looks like a solud add-on and I will give it some further thought.