Ship Heavy Weight Packages 150lbs or more. $25

Now you can ship any packages weighting 150lbs or more you will not get this message “Unfortunately we cannot ship to your destination”

This will work with FedEx and UPS any packages weight 150lbs this mod will split packages into two and pull correct rates from Either UPS or FedEx, regardless of the weight if the weight is 150lbs or 5000lbs it will pull exact rates from UPS or FedEx and display on customer View Cart ability to choose Next Day Air, Ground,2nd Day Air or whatever shipping methods you offer

This is made for CS-Cart 2.1.x

You can pay via Google Checkout ONLY

and will email you the script.

Version. Updated…

This mod only supports UPS and FedEx???

Hello tigerbabba,

Do you have a demo. Is this like an add-on package?

Is there major changes that would affect future update?

Please let me know. Thanks!

Does this mod support having multiple box sizes? I have a client who wants to ship bulk products. Currently, CS-Cart assumes that everything gets shipped in a single box size.

[quote name=‘knowmad’]Currently, CS-Cart assumes that everything gets shipped in a single box size.[/QUOTE]

I’m not sure why myself? I’ve noticed that they have the fields “length, width, height” in the products table. I wonder if they were filled in, the shipping would be calculated from them?

I don’t have a demo but I will give you a screen shot shortly.

How this work is let say your product which you are selling weight 50lbs or 150lbs and if any customer added more then the required weight then the system split packages and get accurate rate from UPS or FedEx what ever shipping method you have chosen, it work for us so I am sure it will work for you as well, now this will work with I believe 2.06 and 2.0 CS-Cart I am not sure and cannot guaranteed if this will work with all future upgrades with CS-Cart but we will issue new upgrade if that happens for $10.

I will soon be adding Screen Shot so if you are interested you can simply pay me via Paypal .

Payment Sent.


Payment received, I will email you the files shortly.

Package Delivered to all of you who paid for this, Thank you so much.

Is this addon compatible with the Suppliers addon?



Yes this will work .

Payment Sent!

Question, is it possible to set your own Maximum Package Weight setting?

Example: We want to set a maximum package wt. of 60 Lbs, so if we have an order for 180 Lbs FedEx rates are calculated as (3 Cartons) @ 60 Lbs each.

Why would we want to do this?? Because we receive tiered level contract rates from FedEx which make it very advantageous for us to actually ship our bulk product orders in 60 Lb cartons. Thus the Fedex rates will be returned to simulate the exact way we will package these orders for shipment.


This will automatically split packages if weight is over 150lbs this will split packages into 75lbs each and pull rates from either FedEx or Ups what ever you have set as your shipper.

Ok, I still have not received the emailed script though. (ordered yesterday)


I have send it to you, check your SPAM Folder.

Hello Tigerbabba,

Sorry, however I am not able to find it.

Can you please resend this file to me.


I have it now, thanks Tiger!

On a 150 Lb total shipment weight, the rates being returned from FedEx are approx. double our actual cost for (2) 75 Lb packages!

Something is seriously wrong Tigerbabba.

Any suggestions as to how we can get accurate rate quotes?


Depends on the settings you have on your shipping size and your pickup your rates are actually pulling from your shipper based on your account discount with them which we don’t control that has to do with your shipping settings.