Service pack 3 for CS-Cart 1.3.5 is released!

This service pack reduces number of database queries on all pages and fixes bugs and issues discovered since the latest software update.

Latest CS-Cart v.1.3.5 SP3 distributive and a set of upgrade packages can be downloaded on the File area page of our Customer Help Desk.

Here’s the full changelog:

Version 1.3.5-SP3 (Apr 8 2008)

[+] WorldPay payment metohd: new transaction type is added.
[+] FedEx International Ground service is added.
[+] Google Checkout. CS-Cart platform id is added.
[+] Google Checkout. Content policy agreement checkbox is added.
[+] Google Checkout: Ability to apply coupons and certificates is added.
[+] Google Checkout: Platform ID is added.
[+] Google Checkout: Edit cart link is added.
[+] Google Checkout. Ability to select button type is added (transparent or white).
[+] Number of SQL queries decreased for all pages.

[*] German welcome text is updated.

[*] Google analytics: tracker code is updated to the latest version.

[*] Query strin escaping is improved in meta.tpl, select_language.tpl and select_currency.tpl.

[*] Indexes of the "product_prices" table are improved.

[*] Ads were removed from templates to operate through listmania.

[*] Quickbooks: payment by gift certificate was applied.

[*] Templates functionality is enabled in fckeditor.

[!] User registration/checkout: if browser autofill is used to fill in the fields and the "shipping eq billing" option is set, the form can't be submitted.
[!] Message "product(s) have been added to cart" wasn't displayed with ajax if the same product has already been in the cart.
[!] Notification was not sent to customer when editing the order.
[!] Anti fraud: order status was not changed if order marked as fraud.
[!] Quickbooks: free shipping discount and coupons were not applied.
[!] Shipping information was not updated via ajax when adding products to cart.
[!] Search query (product search) was not escaped in templates. Fixed.
[!] SEO & Product options images. Detailed image for product options was not displayed in IE.
[!] Affiliate: banner ID was missed when editing the order.
[!] Product Configurator: if group element is selectbox, and it is not required, after selection, "none" option disappears.
[!] Product Configurator: price updated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Forms: if country without states was selected, the "States" field was still required. Fixed.
[!] Shipping and discount: if discount for free shipping was applied, taxes for that shipping were still applied.
[!] Shipping and coupon: if coupon for free shipping has applied taxes for that shipping were still applied.
[!] ExIm: when products were imported over existed ones, their positions in categories were lost.
[!] Gift Certificates: if admin changed the order status without ticking off the "notify customer" checkbox, then the status of the gift certificate wasn't changed.
[!] State for shipping address couldn't be changed on one page checkout.
[!] Shipping estimation: totals after selecting shipping method updated incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Manufacturers + SEO: if language prefix is enabled, the "more" link did not work properly.
[!] Deltapay. Wrong formating was applied to the amount.
[!] Protx Direct: data formed incorrectly. Fixed.
[!] Order management: membership was not applied correctly when creating/editing order in the administrator area.
[!] ExIm: if when importing several products, the first one had an image, but the other ones did not - this image was attached to all products.
[!] Google Checkout. Shipping tax was not calculated when placing an order. Thus, different order totals were displayed.
[!] Sales reports. Link to the orders in the table with order statuses was broken.
[!] Product configurator: add to cart button was still displayed if the "Do not allow to add the product to cart" option was enabled.
[!] Order managment: wrong notification was displayed after order editing.
[!] SEO addon: the "more" link was not rewritten on the product listing pages.
[!] Customer could not start order discussion with enabled HTTPS.
[!] Listmania scroller didn't work in Safari. Fixed.
[!] The "Product has been added to cart" message was not displayed in Safari. Fixed.
[!] Customer notes were not saved when common checkout was used. Fixed.
[!] Dicount coupon applying was case insensitive, so several coupons could be applied.
[!] Listmania: if the same product was used in 2 lists on the same page, javascript error occurred in IE. Fixed.
[!] Paypal express checkout error. Wrong request was sent in some cases. Fixed.
[!] Bug with product configurator. If decimal sign was set to comma price calculated incorrectly.
[!] Sales reports: if the "country" field is hidden in the profile then statistics for locations didn't use the default country.
[!] Suppliers: email notification was not sent. Fixed.
[!] Listmania. root categories were not displayed when text links style was used.
[!] Eway direct payment. Total amount was taken from wrong value.
[!] ViaKlix wrong variable was used. Fixed.
[!] DPS posted wrong result checking. Fixed.
[!] Ideal basic didn't work correctly in some cases. Fixed.
[!] Promotion discount was not applied to the products without options.
[!] Gift certificates: if alternative currency is selected, wrong amount is calculated.
[!] Typo in credit card name. Fixed.
[!] Promotion addon: gift certificate could not be viewed on the order details page.
[!] Category discounts were not taken into account when calculating the cart total if the product had a discount.
[!] Adiministrator could delete products without having the "Manage catalog" privilege.
[!] Listmania addon: hidden products were displayed in the lists.
[!] SEO: links to cms pages did not work. Fixed (quickly and dirty).
[!] Registration and checkout didn't work, if billing address fields were disabled.
[!] The cart subtotal was displayed as a negative value, if it was less than the global discount.
[!] States autopopulation worked incorrectly, if the countries field did not exist.
[!] The state field was still required in the customer forms if the country didn't have states.
[!] Search in "search words" was always performed, without taking into account the "pkeywords" option.
[!] Customer information was not updated in profile if it was changed on the checkout page.
[!] Order management: if shipping cost (custom shipping method) was applied, shipping methods from suppliers were calculated incorrectly.
[!] Order management: if custom shipping cost was applied, taxes weren't recalculated.
[!] Classic checkout: if shipping cost was calculated on the cart page and then the product option was changed and the continue button is pressed, wrong redirection was performed.
[!] Quickbooks: if when exporting several products, the first one had options, but the other ones didn't, the options of the first product were applied.
[!] Hidden product features were displayed in comparison list.
[!] Topics weren't displayed on the sitemap page.
[!] Global discounts were applied incorrectly to the products with the quantity more than 1.
[!] Incorrect product links were displayed on the event details page if a product didn't have options.
[!] One page checkout: shipping cost was calculated if a customer didn't fill in the shipping section.
[!] SEO addon: incorrect product links were generated on the event details page.
[!] Order repay. When making several repays the amount of products was updated incorrectly.
[!] Auto-population of the "Country" and "State" fields didn't work in the Safari browser.
[!] SEO addon: Incorrect column was called in the mysql query.
[!] Coupon discount was displayed incorrectly.
[!] The price of the gift certificate was not added to the cart subtotal.
[!] If a customer entered incorrect login data on the standard checkout page, he was redirected to a wrong page.
[!] Order managment: if a product discount was set to an empty value, it could not be changed, otherwise it returned to its initial value.
[!] RMA return requests were duplicated if several languages were used.
[!] New smarty compilation rule caused "repeated subpattern is too long" error on some hostings. Fixed.
[!] Incorrect redirection if SEO is enabled and logging in from secure connection.
[!] Paypal payment. If customer returns from payment website without making payment he is redirected to a wrong page.
[!] Statistics: Filters with exclude property were not processed correctly.
[!] Multiple products update: if the image that should be applied to the selected products is uploaded from local computer, it is uploaded for the first product only.
[!] Pagination doesn't work on the manufacturer list page.
[!] Gift Certificates: information about Gift Certificate content was not saved after logging out.
[!] Product option images did not change when changing option variant on checkout page.
[!] File uploading from server did not work on some operating systems. Fixed.
[!] The input field for the coupon code was still displayed on the cart and one page checkout pages if coupon did not exist.
[!] A customer could not delete a product from Gift Certificate.
[!] RMA addon: Anonymous customers couldn't create a return request. Fixed.
[!] Display prices with/without taxes option wasn't taken into account when adding product to cart using ajax.

cool…maybe its time for my store to take the plunge…

:wink: :wink:

Whew, it took me about 3 hours, but I just managed to implement the new service pack and re-install all my mods.

For those of you who think doing it manually would take too long… it didn’t.

It took me about 1 hour or less to update manually and 2 hours re-installing my mods.

But before installing manually, I recommend using a test/local server (screams “WampServer”) and installing it into a new directory (for testing). Then when all is working, move everything to the live directory.

Also download and run the sql file inside the update in the filearea. You can use the same database. It would actually save you time when re-installing mods.


I am new to the upgrading, if I simply select upgrade do I lose all my changes that I have made?

I realise I need to back up etc, but am not sure if .tpl changes get lost in the upgrade?


great… love’n it!!!

Update: Just updated my store… everything went smoothly… :smiley:

Hey Zeke, what’s up with the quick and dirty fixes?..LOL

[!] SEO: links to cms pages did not work. Fixed (quickly and dirty).

One of my ex girlfriends must of helped with it.


[quote name=‘ETInteractive’]One of my ex girlfriends must of helped with it.


HAHA dirty quicky:p

i dont see any difference am i blind lol

[quote name=‘macstudiodesign’]i dont see any difference am i blind lol[/QUOTE]

about 50+ bug fixes…

no visual changes right

I didn’t find to fix:

PayPal Open Orders in Admin Module (#701)

or I’m blind.

[quote name=‘snorocket’]Hey Zeke, what’s up with the quick and dirty fixes?..LOL

[!] SEO: links to cms pages did not work. Fixed (quickly and dirty).

CMS will be totally rewritten in new version, so we “patched” the problem quickly in this service pack.

[quote name=‘snorocket’]about 50+ bug fixes…[/QUOTE]

And -30% database queries :slight_smile:

I have 1.3.5.sp2 test install. No products present. only contains traslation strings etc.

and I want to exttract traslated language strings to import new fresh 1.3.5 sp3 install. How is the way.?

All DB backup from old to restore new not good way. becouse errors occured. “Langs Tables” and “lang values” backup and restore is not good way Also.

To update via store manager I dont like. and doesnt work my local FTP server. some ftp commands unknown by my ftp Server… Installations are only in my local computer.

Summary, I need extract translated only strings from 1.3.5.sp2 and restore to 1.3.5.sp3

hi guys i’m new to cs-cart , is there a way of working for the upgrade…

(steps to follow) or is it just run sql query=>upload files, run upgrade file?

Or is it doable via the back-end?


[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Is there a way for me to check which version of CS-Cart I have installed. I did the upgrade on my local computer, but it could not create directory for backup. I also ran the database file. However, I’m not sure that it really worked, as all my mods are still working just fine.

Is there a way to know for sure? Anyone else have problem with using the store manager on localhost to upgrade?

[quote name=‘zeke’]CMS will be totally rewritten in new version, so we “patched” the problem quickly in this service pack.[/QUOTE]

when we can expect new version to came out? i just want to see if there is need for me to install that service pack when new version will be coming in 2-3 months later.

[quote name=‘snorocket’][url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

ok so the store manager works then?