Request For Either Zippay Or Afterpay Addon


I’m an Aussie retailer and there is currently a new form of take home layby available to Australian businesses. The 2 most popular being ZipPay and Afterpay. I’d love to be able to have either one of them on my website but there is currently no addon for it.

The companies themselves only have plugins for sites such as Shopify, woo commerce, bigcartel etc.

Here’s some more info:

It would be great if someone would be willing to develop such an addon so we could offer this service.


Many developers here (myself included) are happy to build this for you as a custom module for integration.

Many developers here (myself included) are happy to build this for you as a custom module for integration.

Thanks tbirnseth but I don't think that it would be affordable for myself to do something like that.

Maybe someone would like to develop it and they could sell it to ZipPay or Afterpay? Just a thought.

As far as I can see, the following payment system supports Afterpay

As far as I can see, the following payment system supports Afterpay

It appears to only be for Belgium and the Netherlands not Australia :-)

I am not sure how cs-cart development works but maybe a few of us Australians could chip in.

If an add on was developed surely it could work on all Aussie carts. I am using 4.3.3 so maybe there are some other Aussies out there using this version who could chip in.

I know nothing about these

things but as TheInfantBoutique pointed out, the development of a one off is typically unaffordable.

This is AfterPay's API stuff. It might easily mean something to people well versed.

Typically, a payment method costs between $300-500usd depending on complexity. Obviously different developers have different pricing structures. Just make sure you look at all aspects (reputation, experience, quality, communication and price) before choosing a developer.

Basically this method uses JS/iFrame to let user login to Afterpay and select their AferPay payment method (pre-approval step).

Then sends a TOKEN back to be used during cart payment processing.

Then processes payment based on what was selected by the user during the pre-processing step.

For these type of multi-transactional payment methods, the greatest cost is in error handling. I.e. what do you do when the pre-approval step fails?

Not sure where your "unaffordable" threshold kicks in...

Just now my 'unaffordable' threshold is kicking in at $USD150.00

I don't for 1 second doubt that third party CS-Cart developers are worth every single cent.

All I am trying to figure out is whether an add on can be made that can be 'shared'.

Like the add ons we have available for other aspects of CS-Cart.

We just pull one off the shelf and slot it into our cart.

Like I said, as most of you already know, I know squat about anything code.

I know that add ons tend to be version specific and that's about all.

If 5 CS-Cart version 4.3.3 owners got one developer to make this add on,

could copies of it be distributed to each owner ?

Each owner could pay $150.00 so the developer could get $800.00

According to Builtwith there are over 700 active CS-Carts in Australia.

Surely we could poll, see who is interested and many of us would 'buy' the add on

at around $USD50.00

This AfterPay style system is becoming very sought after and presently there is

nothing of this type available to Australian based CS-Carts.

There is a definite market here.

I can only speak for myself.... If I do a custom payment module for someone, they are free to do with it what they want when the project is completed. They are implemented as addons so there are no changes to distributed code and they are packaged to be installed like any other addon at any site

I've stopped speculating on addons. I've lost way too much money on things where interest is expressed but sales don't follow after I've invested 10x the cost of an addon in development hours. I.e. there are many where I can't even sell 10 of them to break even.

That's fair comment tbirnseth.

I wasn't sure if the add on's ownership vested in the buyer or not.

I always presumed ( wrongly it's appears ) that the proprietary rights to the code

vested with the developer. Given that you have had a good look at the developer's

package for AfterPay, is $USD500 a reasonably accurate estimate ?

Are there aspects where you are blind guessing because the package is vague ?

Would it be packaged as a item that can be sold ( to owners of the same version cart of course ) ?

What I gave you was not a quote but an estimate. If you would like a quote for the job, please use the link in my signature.

I don't conduct business in public forums. That would be the best way I know of to alienate customers who might think that what they were quoted for a job was similar to the work I quoted someone else. Where in reality the two may have absolutely nothing in common.

Fair enough. Understood.

Would the add on be packaged as a item that can be sold ( to owners of the same version cart of course ) ?

Any news if an AfterPay Addon is going to be devleoped? We really need this in Australia :)

Any news if an AfterPay Addon is going to be devleoped? We really need this in Australia :)

As we see there is no ready-to-use solution on market at the moment.

And we haven't seen any CS-Cart official messages about its plan to add AfterPay addon in Cs-Cart solution in future, but there is an old idea about this module on UserVoice.

In any case, our specialists can make this AfterPay add-on for Cs-Cart users in Australia, just contact us.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer.

Best regards, Alt-team.

As always, our team is also at your service!

And here too. It appears to be a well documented integration so there should be no issues.


I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they said they are currently not offering their API for custom development.

They mentioned that later in the year (around November) they would have something setup.

FYI, I was also advised by afterpay (even though the majority of our products are under $1000 AUD) that their average sale amount is around $150.00 and the closer that the transaction amount go to their 1K threshold, the higher the decline rate was.

So even if they did have an API, I would have second thoughts as you would be at the mercy of their approval algorithm and being declined easily might have an effect on conversion rate on the checkout.

Just my initial thoughts, but they may change based on your experiences.

BTW... Where have you seen documentation in regards to integration..

I think he meant the following documentation

Can you ask them to provide a link to the policy that they are not enabling their published API (I.e. the one Ecom pointed to above)?

We've provided quotes based on this API and I'd certainly like to know that if we implemented it for a client, that it would be accepted.

I.e. I wouldn't want to charge a client for something they can't use.

I am curious as to any first hand experience of any 'sales leaps' as a result

of implementing one of these 'buy now pay later' systems.