Paypal For Commerce


After weeks of trying to reach someone ,I just discussed with someone from paypal about the new "paypal for commerce "

but was just confirmed that it does not work for marketplace .

and have been confirmed that in fact, there is currently no paypal products that works for a marketplace.

they do not do any split payment in fact .


I don't even get it

Cs cart article :

Braintree sent me to paypal , they obviously know full well paypal products .

=obviously this is not happening in fact

paypal for commerce advertize this :


The platform that grows with you

PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to help serve the needs of your business and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already a thriving enterprise or marketplace.

Leveraging our two-sided network, the platform lets you connect with more than 295 million PayPal customers around the world and across many platforms and marketplaces. Now you can find new markets, new channels, and new high-value customers. All while giving your customers the freedom to buy how they want—nearly anywhere in the world.

moving on now,I am back to zero. anyone ready to share what they think is best as payment processor for marketplace , what they use ect , very appreciated

Thanks all

Wait. What? We were just about to set this up. Why would CS-Cart be advertising this as their Paypal solution for Multi-Vendor if it doesn't work?

Did you get it to work yet?

BTW, we use Stripe Connect and it works well with CS-Cart. Although, 99% of our vendors and customers want Paypal. So it's frustrating we haven't been able to offer it.

In all fairness , its not cs-cart fault , but Paypal in fact , as they have promoted it , (and continue to do so , i pointed they should then remove their advertising, and they sighs in agreement) worked closely with some CRM such as cs cart, only to not tell them that in fact the whole thing is doomed for the foreseen future.

I have discuss with helpdesk , and they are trying to get some answers from paypal , they will let me know once there is anything new/ explanation.

But just so its clear, its paypal fault.

so no , it does not work.

I am discussing with Stripe , and I really dont trust stripe , but i feel i have no options now.

also you stating that your customers dont like stripe really hurt , because I knew a lot of people are not down to deal with them , but 99% is an awful lot

Can you explain quickly why they dont want stripe ?

Do they altogether decide not to work with you because you use stripe , or they stay but feel frustrated ?

how old are they roughly ? customers /vendors ?

I feel younger crowd dont mind stripe

yes , thats not a good news ! but hopefully Cs cart will work on integrating an other payment platform that can handle marketplaces ( Bluesnap for instance ?) because otherwise the whole thing is pointless

To be clear, our vendors rather Paypal only because they have used Paypal before and often already have an account with Paypal. Stripe in general has worked perfectly fine and is pretty slick in transferring funds between the marketplace and vendors. That said, the "3-D Secure" enabled process in CS-Cart doesn't work well. So we turned that off.

The reason as a marketplace we want Paypal is because ALOT of consumers use Paypal. Which means they can purchase from our marketplace without having to reach for their wallet and type in their credit card number. The less steps it takes for a buyer to purchase the better. With Stripe they have to take out their credit cards and type in the information.

As for Stripe in general, they are a massive and well-known company. Marketplaces like Amazon, Target, Uber, Lyft and others all use them. So I have no problem with Stripe:

As for Paypal...why would they launch an entire product for marketplaces and then say it doesn't work for marketplaces?

Thanks for your explanation

what about apple pay and Gpay etc ? that's becoming quite popular now, and paypal does not offer that.

and stripes fees are way lower than paypal (europeen cards at least)

I understand paypal sounds like a better option , as more global reputation etc and i wish i would go with paypal and let my customers use it. but right now paypal have no marketplace product .

I still haven't heard back from helpdesk although i communicate with them on other matters almost everyday.

Do give a call to paypal if you have the energy to wait quite a bit on the line, that, is the UK number +44 020 7949 3272. you may hear something different, but I have call and spoke with 3 different person . cs cart is doing their bits to, and i have absolutely no idea, why they promote a product that is not going to launch in the foreseeable future. very strange :confused:


I have an update , I have receive this email from helpdesk today

" The situation seems to have been cleared up. PayPal managers informed us that they should be able to provide our clients with credentials required for using PayPal Commerce Platform for Marketplaces. I have written an email to Geraud ** introducing you as a marketplace owner. You should receive the copy of the email. I hope the answer will be received soon enough."

when I know more, I'll let you know


Nothing is cleared up , no one has contacted me.


I finally got our Paypal Account Manager to contact us and our Paypal Commerce Platform integration is now working. You should try to get your Paypal account manager to help you.

Which country are you based in ?

Do you have a contact number by any chance ? (I am in the UK )I only have an email and no one has replied in over 3 weeks .

That would be very much appreciated

Thank you

We are in the USA. So not sure if the contact I have would be right for you. Also, I believe CS-Cart has to introduce you to your account manager.


I've been waiting for the past three months to get this problem sorted. I'm based in UK. Were you able to find a solution regarding PayPal Commerce integration?



Please not to worry; I am available for discussion and can help you with the PayPal Commerce integration. Could you please ping on on skype : Cis dot troy

I am waiting to discuss your queries


Troy w

hey ,

you need to get in touch with cs cart , they arrange for you to speak with a business manager and give you a code etc

You need to have your terms and conditions ready .

jiinc , (above) is currently using it, and as far as I know he had a bit of issues with it . (research paypal in forum ) his posts comes first !

Sorry i cant be of more help for now

Hi All, quick note, we haven't been able to fully implement PayPal Commerce. The reason is we used Simtech's TaxCalcs Addon to calculate tax and it doesn't work with PayPal in CS-Cart.

We are eagerly waiting for Simtech to fix their addon to work properly.

thanks for keeping us in the loop Jiinc very appreciated !

hey ,

you need to get in touch with cs cart , they arrange for you to speak with a business manager and give you a code etc

You need to have your terms and conditions ready .

jiinc , (above) is currently using it, and as far as I know he had a bit of issues with it . (research paypal in forum ) his posts comes first !

Sorry i cant be of more help for now

Hi Saltwater,

Thanks for your message.

I already provided all the info CS-Cart needed and they say they will provide them to Paypal, they sent several emails to them but I never heard from them since then.

it would be a lie not to say how intense my frustration is regarding this issue.


Just found this topic. I have been having similar issues. My MV marketplace is licensed in UAE at present but focused on the US market initially. I have not launched it yet, mainly because it has been so hard to sort out the gateway issues.

I finally was able to speak to a Paypal representative on a UK number (the US number will not speak to you if you are not based in US or Canada). I was told clearly that, at present, PayPal is not an option for my marketplace.

The reason being that PayPal is relaunching their marketplace product and Paypal for Commerce is not available anymore. I asked if I could use direct payments with Paypal so that the customers pay me and then I pay the vendors but they said this would be rejected by PayPal because it is not intended for marketplaces. This was also news to me.

It is looking like I will have to re-license my marketplace in USA, set up banking there, then get a gateway with Stripe. Seems like PayPal dont want our money...

Paypal has launched a MV product at least 4 times. At least they're not making this one public before they abort it.