Order Export problem

CS-Cart Ultimate 4.16.1
When Exporting an order, in order to choose a different Export tab, like Order Items, a new layout needs to be created, and switched to before the EXPORT button displays.
On subsequent instances of the export, I have to switch to the other layout for the button to display.
So, two identical layouts are required for each tab - so I can switch between them to be able to display the EXPORT button.
I’m using an addon from Alt-Team that exports the order with the ordered items for import into ShippingEasy, and discovered that I have to switch between two different layouts for the Export button to display.
There seems to be some problem with the EXPORT button being hidden until a layout is selected if you switch to any other tab.

Hello @magpiedon

Thank you for your message.

I’m afraid I can’t reproduce the issue. Can you please provide me with the step by step instruction on how to reproduce it and screenshots for a better understanding?

What version do you use? There was an issue with the buttons on the Export/Import pages in 4.16.1

This bug was reported in February for version 4.16.1
It was fixed in version 4.16.2

Okay, thank you for the clarifications!

This was discussed here:

Also in that topic, fix with the .diff file is present, just in case :slight_smile: