Option quantity discounts MOD

This definately shold be part of CS Cart std installation. If you select a blue type A bike, and a red type A bike…cs cart treats them as 2 seperate products where discount is concerned. This quantity discount mod allows all type A bikes to be added together to give the selected qty discount.

Works for up to 2.1.3 and slight changes to fn.cart.php makes it work to 2.1.4.

the zip file is for 2.1.1-3 and i have added MY fn.cart.php also in the zip file for you to check the differences

sorted by CS Cart.





Thanks for this. I actually had this mod done for me a while back and have been terrified to upgrade.

Is there any screenshot to see.

Screenshots? what are you looking for in particular miracles.are you having problems?

this is how my option field is imported. as you can see the 150x200mm product is +0, (same price)

then 300x100mm is minus .41pence

400x300mm is plus 4.63.

This just adds or sutracts to the base price in the cart.

Size: S[Select Size[[m]A+0],150x200mm[[m]A+0],300x100mm[[m]A-0.41],600x200mm[[m]A+5.26],600x400mm[[m]A+12.59],400x300mm[[m]A+4.63]]


This mod seems to be just what I need - but I can’t figure it out.

Is there an interface within the Admin panel for this or do you have to export/import your products?

All done through csv.

After installing the add on activate it in addons then when you import like the example above the costs change


Ah! Thanks, man. I’ll give it a shot…

[quote name=‘johnbol1’]

Size: S[Select Size[[m]A+0],150x200mm[[m]A+0],300x100mm[[m]A-0.41],600x200mm[[m]A+5.26],600x400mm[[m]A+12.59],400x300mm[[m]A+4.63]]


Nope, not a clue what’s going on with this code. My csv looks something like this:

Product code;Price;Lower limit

I have no idea what your code is…

Either I didn’t install it correctly or I don’t understand the concept.

I’m on the latest CS-Cart demo store, remote server.

I overwrote my fn.cart.php with yours (from the zip file).

I uploaded and installed the addon.

Just a little more info and I’ll understand what it is that I’m supposed to be doing here.

I’m really close…

Probably best if you install it then add some options to a product n admin then export that one product. You will then see the way those options are set up, you can then copy it


thank you so much for this mod, it should definitely be part of cscart. it will make my life much easier

thanks :cool:

i i am running 2.1.1 and i install the mod, using the files in the zip folder, the quantity info works but when we proceed through the check out this error keeps coming up Fatal error: Call to undefined function fn_get_company_language() in /home/mightyg2/public_html/core/fn.cart.php on line 307

and the invoice ends up being an incompleted invoice

would you be able to help me with this?

Hi Samanthar,

Did you have any previous MODS or changes done, maybe this conflicts with one of them and you will have to manually check the differences in the files first.



hi john

i havent had any mods or changes done to the site at all, or that file :frowning:

i have only ever changed css files, and a couple of the pages to add social links

Not sure? I would re install your old fn.cart.php and then compare mine to yours.

Just add the differences and then try that one.

Sorry i cant be of any more help


Have you gotten this working with the latest CS Cart version? What are we on now, 2.2.2?

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Have you gotten this working with the latest CS Cart version? What are we on now, 2.2.2?


I would like to use this on 2.2.2. and 2.2.3 as well.

Now im on version 3 and would still like to use this but it doesn’t work :(

Anyone have any ideas?

version 3 has this built in already Sole.

In admin setting something like tick to allow options to be allowed together. I dont have it to hand at the moment but its there


Wow had no idea it was that easy now. In case anyone else wants to change the setting its under Settings > General

Disregard product options when calculating quantity discounts.

Ive been crying for this for ages, now all I need is a matrix as standard for the product sizes and colours and Ill be a happy man :-) :-)