New responsive theme has issues

Hello, the new responsive theme which can be selected from backend has a review option placed into image very strange and some options on the cart also.

I will upload some images tommorow!

Please check front for the responsive theme.

Please report bugs in the requested format:

Why kind of level 1 users? I have CS since 13 years. Check what you have transferened here to this dummy type of forum. I had another level :slight_smile: Boss LEvel :slight_smile:

I mean this one part of that message:


latest 4.17 sp1 security patch released couple days ago.

Theme is activated via this new feature from dashboard directly.

Look where review is in the white theme:

and black has also wishlist and compare terrible displayed:

Thank you for the clarification.

The Review is the product tab, so it is displayed near the Description tab. It’s working as intended.

Thanks, I’ve passed this to the developers.