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Write about errors in the operation of CS-Cart. We will check if there is such a bug and fix it in future versions. Please note that only users who have reached level 1 on the forum can create topics in this section. Newly registered users can report a problem through our Help Desk.

Be sure to indicate the version of CS-Cart and the sequence of actions that leads to the problem. A step-by-step description of how to reproduce the problem will help us check it faster.

It is highly recommended that you also attach screenshots (screenshots) with the problem or steps for it’s reproduction. It is better that the screenshot shows the entire browser window, and not just a specific part of the page - this way we will get additional information about the problem.

If possible, specify the maximum amount of information (version of PHP, browser, etc.). Otherwise, if the problem cannot be reproduced, we will ask you to contact us via Help Desk to investigate it in your store.

If the problem does not have a detailed description, or if it is clear that the problem is related to third-party modules and themes, we reserve the right to move your message from the bug tracker to another section of the forum. In rare cases (for example, if the description violates forum rules), we may remove your post.

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