Mobile Theme (Iphone skin for Cs-Cart)

We are glad to announce a mobile theme for cs-cart. It is designed as an add-on, installation requires less than 1 minute.

Now you can have almost all features and filters from your own cs-cart on a mobile theme. The add-on is detecting the user agent and in case of a mobile user agent it will display the mobile skin.

You don’t have to configure anything, from logo, to categories and products, everything is grabbed from your own cs-cart.

You can test the cs-cart demo here:

User: customer

Password: customer

View our shop here using a mobile here:

Or you can try a user agent switcher add-on for your browser:

Firefox: [url][/url]

Chrome: [url][/url]

and access the following link :

It is compatible with all standard cs-cart themes.

The price is $98.60, and this sale will last 10 days. (from 2/5/2011 - 12/05/2011).

Read more about it here :

Best regards,


Looks really promising. I tried the CS-Cart Demo and it ran slow. Was it just the hosting and hardware?



The server is located in France.

I am willing to give away 2 copies for FREE for someone who can provide feedback on Android 2.1 - 2.2 and Blackberry OS 6.x touch.

Thank you

I have Android 2.2.2. Let me know if you would like me to test it.

[quote name=‘The Tool’]I have Android 2.2.2. Let me know if you would like me to test it.[/QUOTE]

I have sent you a PM

this is amazing, does this vary dramatically from the theme ildar is creating?

[quote name=‘AmitP’]this is amazing, does this vary dramatically from the theme ildar is creating?[/QUOTE]

Yes, we like to think so, but you can also test it yourself and see how it works.

Thank you.


the help popup box has it’s “X” button out of viewing range which makes it impossible to click the “X” and close it.

This is on android.

Ohh… You are talking about our live chat help ?

It will be fixed asap.

(hint: rotate the screen to view that “X” and close it, until we fix it.)

Edit: Problem fixed

Thank you hbtrading for reporting it

Cannot recommend this modification highly enough, SEONID are a very effecient company to purchase from, with a couple of niggles with the canonical addon and the bottom box addon we had on our website SEONID were keen to get the addon working and within a very short period of time they had fixed the issues for me. The addon now works and DREAM and to have such an easy UI for our customers on their mobile devices im sure will be the biggest increase of sales of all addons.

+1 rep for the Mobile Theme and SEONID

Amit - I for one would be very interested in hard statistics for phone based sales.

I have no idea what you sell, but it is hard to imagine someone doing actual shopping on a phone versus a larger real estate system. However, I’ve been wrong in the past.

But if you can in the coming weeks post some basic statistics related to phone sales, I’d be very interested. Total sales, and then percent by user-agent would be very interesting. Not interested in $$ amounts, only number of purchases.

I hear everyone oozing over phone apps, but haven’t seen any hard numbers on purchases other than marketing hype from things like app-store or e-bay.


[quote name=‘tbirnseth’]

I hear everyone oozing over phone apps, but haven’t seen any hard numbers on purchases other than marketing hype from things like app-store or e-bay.[/QUOTE]

Me too, but I gotta say, this last week I was in the garage and my pressure washer went tits up. I need a new hose, had my phone in my pocket found the part and ordered it as easy as any PC based order…except for needing my glasses of course.

Having done that low and behold my PC crashed at work and my first thought was…get the phone out and get one ordered, I did straight from Dell, easy and quick.

if an old stick in the mud like me thinks it easy then its a plus.

I would be interested in the stats like you said but i think all these kids(soon to be adults) will be buying clothes, pcs, and just about anything else they need on the bus or underground via mobile, more and more in the future.



I highly doubt you some huge website like amazon / ebay or anyother will make their statistics public, but you could search google for some predictions.

For example, i found this interesting article :


The trend is set by those huge companies, which all made their website compatible with smartphones. And from the smartphones that are produced now, you can see clearly where this is going.

I dont think there is something you or me can do to fight this trend.

And you know how it is, if you can’t be a trendsetter then at least you have to become a trend follower or risk loosing on that niche.



I’m not a believer in marketing hype from suppliers of phones, wireless services or toolkit providers. What I’d be interested in is knowing what types of products a merchant sells and basically what percentage of their sales come from mobile apps (not browsers on phones).

Obviously things like music, ringtones, phone apps, and small accessories where someone knows exactly what they want is easy. What becomes awkward is feature comparisons and the ability to view enough real estate to have a useful environment.

Stores that can sell their products in a list paradigm (icon and brief text) will fair better. Stores whose products require options and may need to do comparisons will have the poorest user experience. Just my perspecitve.

Unfortunatley, I hear a lot of opinions (just like mine) but very few facts. And no, I don’t believe comanies that try to analyze global trends based off little information. If those could be believed, we would have all bought Osborne’s in their day (before most on this forum were born)…

tbirnseth, i didn’t say every product type is sold perfectly on a mobile UI.

There are some products which you can’t sell no matter what (for example a user customized t-shirt) - this cannot be done yet.

But there are a lot of products which can be easily purchased via a phone.

For example: I received an e-mail from a friend who was recommending me a book. By that time I was in a trip, with no computer or internet access excepting 3G. I made an account on a book store, bought it and downloaded it.


Seonid - does your skin support “reorder” from the user’s order history? That is probably the most common way my users would make use of a mobile interface.

Of course it does.

Our skin does not modify cs-cart functionality, so your clients can use “reorder”.

if someone wishes to see a live store running the skin the you can view it at

Please remember this is a live store so please don’t order anything :smiley:

When I go to your site Amit, the first page I see is the category links but it looks like they are double overlayed. And the “doubled” view on the top keeps flashing and moving around.

clicking through to categories seems to fix it but when i click the back button to get to home page it happens again but also mixes the previous page with it so it all jumbles together.

Clicking your logo to get to the homepage works ok but not the back button.

iphone 3 gs