Meet CS-Cart 4.18.1 with a revamped admin panel and an upgraded PayPal Checkout experience

I believe they will not convert it, instead, they are currently developing a separate new one from scratch and it’s called Enterprise. It will cost like $20K per year.
I’ve looked at their demo, so far it looks like the legacy Cs-cart both backend and front-end.

If its any help, you’ll have to change on all the products the zeero price action to:
"Allow customers to add the product to a cart:
Then tit will work…

They probably don’t want to do it, because currently they want to reserve a new source code for themselves that is only aimed at business customers and 3rd party developers will not be able to develop on this ‘separate new thing’. Or do they find it difficult to recreate the code so developers can provide addons for it?

I know a CMS made on the laravel framework, it’s exactly like cs-cart and wordpress, it’s possible for devs to create their own plugins/addons/themes and install them, it’s Botble CMS, hopefully the cs-cart team should refer to it. to follow suit if they have not already done so.

There is nothing great here, if the frontend provides a fast experience on mobile devices.

Actually, it’s the other way round. The new thing is aimed at third party developers to create whatever marketplaces they envision. It’s headless and API first and devs can use the playground to test code. I logged into their admin demo yesterday and it’s surprisingly starting to look modern like Shopify. This seems exciting. I just hope they will do a great job in creating viable pricing plans for everyone eventually. Not going back and forth on different pricing like they’ve done lately.