Meet CS-Cart 4.18.1 with a revamped admin panel and an upgraded PayPal Checkout experience

We have released CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.18.1. It’s a bigger update with new admin panel and other useful changes.

As always, the new version is released on the same day for all our products:

  • CS-Cart Store Builder for single-seller stores
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor for marketplaces

Upgrades to version 4.18.1 will initially be available in small batches, on the “first downloaded, first upgraded” basis. In a few weeks, we’ll lift the restriction.

  • For the cloud Multi-Vendor No-Code, these new features are coming as well, but at a later date. Since we are the ones who upgrade all No-Code marketplaces, you’ll just find the new features in your marketplace one day, without the need to run an upgrade.

Important improvements:

  • A revamped Admin panel
  • An enhanced PayPal Checkout
  • SagePay Updated and Renamed to Opayo
  • An ability to limit file size for uploaded images added

Read about the rest of the improvements in the changelog and in our blog.


Great Job
I release it right now

Congratulations :clap::clap::clap:

Is there a planned release date for the 4.18.2 version?

I can’t name a specific date at this point. But it would be reasonable to expect CS-Cart 4.18.2 within 2 or 3 months from the release of 4.18.1.


In this update, can we change back to old theme design instead of new one?

I’ve just seen the article! The upgraded admin panel looks modern now!
Thanks for the info guys.

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If you mean the admin panel, then upgrading to CS-Cart 4.18.1 will replace the old admin panel with the new one. There is no switch to go back to the old admin panel while on CS-Cart 4.18.1.

If you need time to prepare for the move—for example, if you run a marketplace and need to update instructions for your sellers—you could always upgrade a test copy. Then live site can be updated later at any time.

Is PayPal Express part of the New changes for 18.1?

Do you have diagrams or detailed descriptions?

Are there new features or speed for PayPal Express or just a new look?

Also in the past PayPal within CS cart returned open order even after the payment cleared I had to use code from the helpdesk to fix this in the past…

Good day to you @ikoshkin Version 4.18.1 isn’t available yet in my Upgrade Center, but I was able to download the .tgz file from my file area in my helpdesk account (it was uploaded Apr 23). Are there instructions to do a manual upgrade using the compressed file, or do I have to wait until it shows up in my Upgrade Center?


~ Jason

Hello Jason.

It is best to wait until the upgrade shows in the Upgrade Center. Now that CS-Cart 4.18.1 is released, it could be any time within the coming weeks.

Some technical details The compressed file is an installer, and it lacks some things that an upgrade has --- the changes for the existing data from an old CS-Cart version work properly with the new CS-Cart version. These changes may vary depending on how your store is configured.
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great job @Tanya i like the new admin design very much

Is this only a UI change or does it include some significant functionality enhancements in the vendor panel? Such as accounting, login etc.

I wonder! Does Cs-cart ever plan to improve the accounting functionality?The fact that a vendor can casually enter any amount and request a payout even when they haven’t sold anything makes no sense considering this is integral part for a multivendor.

Should be as easy as: Vendor makes sales and their owed share (minus commission) is shown with a withdraw button. If no sales, no withdraw button. Entering numbers manually can easily lead to errors and give the payout approval team a lot of work, especially if the marketplace has thousands of sellers. One would argue that even fraud could be experienced at this point.

Now, I understand that money splitting is done at the Stripe and Paypal payment for marketplace side, but what if the marketplace is in a region that does not support those gateways?
This functionality could be more helpful.

For the moment, the changes in the new admin and seller panel are mostly about design. With some functionality improvements, such as easier access to certain things — like the ability to get to product import/export right from the product list, etc.

Other enhancements of specific functionality may follow in future versions. We’ll be providing more info about future versions as we make progress on them.


Can you please reply about PayPal Express?

Thank you!

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