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This may seem a bit wierd, but worries me a whole lot.
It seems that I’m not the only one who have trouble to find the invoices for the commission in CS-cart, Multi-Vendor. Where can these be found (it’s for Vendors bookkeeping, which is a viable part of sales)??

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In case when the Vendor-to-Admin Payments add-on is used, vendor can pay for his/her fees. When vendor pays those fees, order is placed. In this order, the invoice can be printed for the payed fees.

In the case that the fee is taken, from the purchase amount, with Stripe Destination charges - then what?

I’m afraid, there will be no separate invoice for this case. This might get addressed in the future, however currently, I cannot give you any promises.

@tobias, you should read my other post; Accounting

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