Limit to size for selling download files?

I am wondering if there is some sort of limit to the size of download files that can be sold through the shop?

I am trying to add 3 files to a product. File sizes 700 Mb, 1,7 and 1,9 Gb.

I have uploaded them to the server already, so I just check ‘server’ and point to the file.

After some thinking CS-Cart returns a Page not found 404 error… WEIRD !

And yes, I tried with some test products and smaller files on the same server… that works.

Uploading from the PC doesn’t work at all… the system is much too slow for that apparently. (I have a 5 mb up, 58 Mb down Internet link)

Any ideas !?

Server config. In particular upload_max_filesize and while you're at it, post_max_size

Thanks, on my way to change that ! :-)

Duh! Not… host won’t let me… now what !? Oh bugger… probably have to engage in a settings fight with the support guys :-(

In the hosts' defense, those are some huge file sizes.

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In the hosts’ defense, those are some huge file sizes.


Not in today’s world of gaming where we talk of Terabytes and not Mb or Gb anymore ;-)

But, they changed the parameters for me… and I am back. Doesn’t work. Not even for a 600 Mb file.

Now, since I didn’t change anything myself, except for thelatest install 2 mojnths or so ago, and the host adapted the settings, it must besomething else.

Worked fine before, even with 1Gb+ files.

More ideas anyone !?

I was trying to selling some files between 400 MB and 2.5 GB. With the 2.2.x, it looked like CS-Cart was trying to read the entire file into memory before serving it too the browser as a download. This was causing my server to run out of memory and cough up a 404 page. So, I adapted the 2.0.x download code to 2.2.x. Specifically, I was dealing with the fn_get_file function in the /core/fn.fs.php file. I'm still looking at testing the 2.2.x code again to narrow down the issue.

Any solution to this? I’m still having issues

One workaround would be a download manager for cscart. It seems a few big companies make you download things via a download manager app. Does this already exist?