Integrity Check Failed


immediately after unpacking/copying files from localhost to the web-server I've getting the message - "Some of your core files have been changed. This may become a problem when upgrading CS-Cart as changes in these files may be lost." and "Integrity check failed." (nothing changed really, but in the list ALL the files of CS-Cart system).
The webstore is working, but as far as I understand - I can't do any update of the online store.

Some way to catch the logic of cs-cart behaviour?
Is there any log-files of why exactly CS-cart determines all these files as "changed"? What exactly "has changed"? I've compared files from localhost with the copies on web-server: they has identical content, size, codepage, line endings, MD5 and SHA hashes.

SELinux, mod_secure are disabled.
Thank you.

Please find official answer here