Incompleted orders V4.17

I noticed a lot of incompleted - failed orders after upgrade to v4.17.
I had been told by a dev that it looks like CS cart previously in 4.16, that CS when an order is failed ir incomplete, the cart used to “overwrite” the exisiting order number when payment was attempted again.
But now on failed or customer changes order before payment (incomplete) that CS cart now creates a new order with new order number , resulting in more incomplete (duplicate) orders in admin,

can anyone from @CS-Cart_team confirm please, that this is correct expected behaviour, which now means many orders needing deleteing in admin.


What payment processor is used in these orders?


credit card, Sagepay…
sagepay are making changes, maybe this has something to do with it,
I added a support ticket regards this a while back#103940990
and also posted here

Thank you for the reply.

Although this payment will require changes to be made in order to continue operating in April 2024, it should not currently affect the proper functioning of the store.

At the moment I can’t see any reason why multiple orders have been created, you’ll need to check directly in your installation. Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

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