Sagepay update to cart URLS

I had posted this in helpdesk below, for anyone who uses sagepay/Elevon/Opayo

I thought I would let you know, SAGEPAY (new name Elavon) have emailed users to tell them the URLS are changing for the payment communications, please see email below that may affect CS cart.

The URLs you use to send transactions to Opayo will be changing to an Elavon domain and you need to make the changes to send your transactions to the updated URLs.

These changes must be made by 31st March 2024, this is when the SagePay URLs will cease to work.

We’ve already added these updated URL’s to our Developer Hub to help you make the changes, you can find the URLs specific to your integration below:

Pi integration, API Reference | Elavon Developer Portal
Direct integration Test and Live URLs | Elavon Developer Portal
Form integration, Test and Live URLs | Elavon Developer Portal
Server integration Test and Live URLs | Elavon Developer Portal
RAAPI URLs | Elavon Developer Portal
Shared API URLs | Elavon Developer Portal

If you’re using a shopping cart provider speak with them directly regarding this to make the relevant updates.

Important information

The HTTP standard of all headers is lower case with the new URLs, be aware of this if you have specific code to look for case sensitivity.
We recommend using domain names instead of hard code, if you have hard-coded an IP address in your website or shopping cart you’ll need to update this also.
Flush DNS cache (local) or Internet Service Provider (ISP) may cache DNS records. In this case, you will need to speak directly with your ISP to ensure you have the most up-to-date DNS records.
You will need to ensure the new URLs are whitelisted and any firewall rules you have in place have been updated.
If you have implemented a content security policy you will also need to update this.

As always, we recommend testing any changes you make in your testing environment before implementing them to production.

Upgrade your protocol version
When making these updates take this opportunity to upgrade to our latest protocol version.

Following previous communication on 31st January 2024 we are retiring protocol version 2.22 and 2.23, this would be a great opportunity to upgrade to our latest protocol version ensuring your transaction are processed compliantly and you have access to all the latest features that Opayo have introduced.


Hi There,

I myself, trying to change the old URLs to the new ones. but for some reason they just dont work… at all.

I am being given differnt URLs to try from the support team at opayo, are you able to help me?

NO, but Ive asked the question of the @CS-Cart_team


I’m afraid there is no news on this topic at the moment. We will let you know as soon as a decision has been made.

Anyway, I draw the attention of the developers to this task, so they can take a look.

Hello @johnbol1,

SagePay URLs have been updated and SagePay itself has been renamed to Opayo in 4.17.3 release.

To change URL addresses yourself, use:


Can anyone tell me what file/directory I need to change these in, I found cc.tpl and cc.outside.tpl but they are not in there

Not sure if it helps but I see urls in:

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thats the one, thanks :grinning:

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It depends on which SagePay integration you use (I’ve listed both below) and ii might depend on the version of CS Cart you have but try:

Sagepay Direct: - /app/payments/sagepay_direct.php
Sagepay Form: - /app/payments/sagepay_form.php


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