Images don't show - tried clearing cache & thumnails


Images are not showing on my mobile in the product detailed view. They show in a grid of products.

The directory of the image does not exist for the mobile image and has a different path (…800/800… vs …530/530…)

What could be causing this and more importantly how can I fix it?

Mobile path, image doesn’t show/exisit on server

Desktop path, image shows

Not sure if this helps, (from desktop browser inspect)
img class=“ty-pict cm-image ls-is-cached lazyloaded” alt=“” title=“” srcset=“ 2x” src=“” data-srcset=“ 2x” lazy_load_disabled=“” id=“det_img_62165836b91e8a3e_11659” width=“530” height=“530”

MVE 16.1
AB Uniheme
add-on Image Zoom (cs-cart)
add-on AB: Advanced image previewers
add-on AB: Lazy loading images
add-on AB: WebP images


Please refer to my previous message in the similar topic:

No joy I am afraid, was set still set at default, alos added it to config.local.php :frowning:

What limits have you set in $config['lazy_thumbnails']? I can see that your current thumbnails are 1060 x 1060, so the limits must be no smaller than that.

Still on default:
$config[‘lazy_thumbnails’] = array(
‘max_width’ => 1280,
‘max_height’ => 720

I tried
$config[‘lazy_thumbnails’] = array(
‘max_width’ => 1060,
‘max_height’ => 1060

and to keep the ratio consistent with the default
$config[‘lazy_thumbnails’] = array(
‘max_width’ => 1590,
‘max_height’ => 1980

I also tried turning off AB preload and AB lazy load.

I cleared cache and thumbnails after each change.

I have formed the view that it may be realted to other image issues I raised with the helpdesk but were never resolved. I have refereced those issues and this thread to the helpdesk in the following terms. I will advise here what the solution is should the helpdesk have the ability to fix it.

I note my customer subscription has expired, however this is a bug and/or bugs. In additon the issue relates to prior to expirery of my care.

This relates to images not showing, this includes

  • images not showing on icons for add-ons ticket ID: #103939063 (unresolved)
  • logos missing for shopfront buttongs ticet ID: #103939312 (unresolved)
  • images missing from mobile view of products (whilst not detected before I note that development store created 28 Nov 2023 ( also experiences the same problem. It is also the topic of Images don't show - tried clearing cache & thumnails

I was curious to know what’s happening, so I have checked that by myself.

You have the following line of the code:
$config['lazy_thumbnails'] = array( 'max_width' => 1280, 'max_height' => 720 );
in the config.local.php. So changes in config.php does not affect the config, since config.local.php is being included after parameters in the lazy_thumbnails are set in the config.php.

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Thankyou ever so much. solved!

Solved both

  • the images within products, and
  • the images on addon ‘buttons’.

Logos for storefronts still not working, this appears to be a seperate issue as they are all the default “demo store” logo within the theme’s setting (both default cs-cart and third party themes).

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