Blog images not showing up


I am posting blogs on my site and before i would be able to see the images on the blog homepage fine

However, for the last month all my new blogs do not show the image. This is despite them showing up on my homepage and on the bl

ogs themselvs

Please see attached image.

Ive tried numerous browsers and OS

Please check:

  • images filenames
  • if thumbnails generation works on the server
  • if you have storage available

PS: also if you like please send a PM with the store link to check

For example, the “Meet the sellers…” post uses the following image for simple screens


and this one for hidpi


The first one exists, second one - not.

It is required to examine why thumbnails are not created for hidpi screens

Looks like you are using lazy loading for images and the HiDPI add-on. So some of the thumbnails for the HiDPI devices are twice the size, 1280x800. Please check that the lazy thumbnail limits in config.php are higher than the HiDPI thumbnail size. The default values are:

$config['lazy_thumbnails'] = array(
    'max_width'  => 1280,
    'max_height' => 720

So checking from the default config, image height 800 is clearly larger than the limit of 720, so the thumbnail won’t be generated in this case.

Thank you for this

Wouldnt this apply for all blog posts? However, on my site it seems only the most recently uploaded have been affected

im also not selecting ‘im uploading a hidpi image’

ive also reduced the size of the image and the issue still persists.

I would also note that the thumbnail is generated on my homepage

Could you please let me know if you have updated the config?