Guest Checkout Issue

We seem to behaving a problem since upgrading to a new version of CS Cart where returning customers who have previously placed orders and checkout out as guests are being met with a message with words to the effect of 'your email address already exists, log in' but obviously they don't have an account to log in to.

Anyone have any solution to this issue?

Try to reproduce the issue on the demo and post it to the bug tracker

Does anyone have a good/clean solution for a returning “Guest” to be able to use their same e-mail as before during checkout without being blocked by a duplicate e-mail message - Guest customers don’t care about the inner working of why it’s considered a duplicate guest e-mail address, they just want to checkout again doing it their way as a Guest again for whatever reason. This thread is similar to this one: Problem With Checkout As Guest (no real answer there either, the possible solution/suggestion link is a 404 page does not exist now)

Much appreciated and many thanks in advance!!

Hello. Please check this addon with solution of your problem

Thanks retailfactory! Sorry for the slow response here, things got real busy recently. I’ll take a look and discuss with the team to see if we want another Addon added to fix the situation - glad to have the option available though!

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