Google tag manager

Install Google Tag Manager
Copy the code below and paste it onto every page of your website.
Paste this code as high in the of the page as possible:

Google makes it ‘seem’ a breeze but…

where does the snippet code get pasted ???
and do I really have to paste it in the code of EVERY page ( as in 800 product listing )??

I know there is a Google Tag Manager add on.
Would this add on do the trick for me because I don’t want to pay for an add on
and STILL have this ‘where to paste code’ problem.

Just noticed something.
There doesn’t appear to be any way to see what products a buyer has clicked on.
Only when they place an item into the cart or remove it.
Is this correct ?

Please pay attention to our free module which integrates GTM to your store

Downloaded it but found there was no ‘data layer’ area.
No manual at all so had no idea how to use it.

dataLayer is created by default Google Analytics module. Do you plan to disable it?

I have already disabled it in my add ons.
I am in the process of completely removing my Google analytics account and starting over.
I am also looking for other ‘easier’ analytics software.

To dataLayer through our module please open the following file


and add

<script data-no-defer>
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];

after the following string

<!-- Google Tag Manager -->

Thamk you for the advice.
Will revisit after I have managed to muddle through Google’s labyrinth.

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