Addon By Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Dear Friends, we would like to introduce you new addon Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Safari since version 13.1 and Firefox browsers already block third-party cookies that track user behavior across multiple sites, and thus disable personalization and ad measurement.

Similar mechanisms will be implemented in other browsers in the future, for example, in Google Chrome from the end of 2023.
To help advertisers recover some of their lost data, Google Ads has introduced advanced conversion tracking.
This tool can improve the accuracy of conversion measurements when cookies are not available by sending conversion information from the site along with user data - name, phone, email and others - to Google Ads.
Advanced tracking helps you capture conversions more accurately and manage your bidding more effectively.
This feature works in conjunction with conversion tags and transmits hashed conversion data from your site to Google in a confidential manner.
The module adds support for these conversions.
Feel free to ask any question.

Dear Friends, we have released new addon version and have added ability to support Cs-cart from 4.11.x vesions.

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Dear Friends, we have released new addon version.

We have added ability to select way to check conversions.

You can choose Thank you page or detecting of click on Place order button for better accuracy.

Feel free to ask any question.

Hello. I just purchased your addon and installed it successfully in my store. What kind of setting should I use to my google ads account for enhanced conversions? Should I use Google Tag, Google Tag Manager or API Integration. Please advise. Thank you !


Thank you for your order.

Please check following manual [RetailFactory] Enhanced Google Ads Conversions - Google Docs

Hi ! I already did that but there are no references on the current form of Google Ads Settings. The ones that your team mentions on the manual refer to previous past settings. Please advise. Thank you !

Im sorry about this issue, we see this problem.

Please give us some time and we will update manual quickly.


We have updated manual [RetailFactory] Enhanced Google Ads Conversions - Google Docs

Please check.