GDPR Addon and Ecommerce conversions

If the GDPR module is active, conversion data is no longer sent to Google Analytics and Purchase event doesn’t fire.
Can it be solved? # CS-Cart 4.15.2
The fix mentioned in changelog does’t work
CS-Cart 4.15.2 Changelog : “[!] Add-ons: Google Analytics: GDPR Compliance (EU): The statistics of visits were not tracked when the GDPR add-on was enabled. Fixed.”

But is not fixed.


This bug has been already fixed and the fix will be included in the upcoming 4.16.1 version. Meanwhile you can apply the attached .diff file to your installation in order to fix the issue.
57d6f8d495f8b57f362b9beae9674411ec9edf6e.diff (1.6 KB)

Thank you!

Unfortunately we don’t have access to server, shared hosting.

I will try to apply the patch manually. Seems that is a new file to create and add some lines to another. I hope this will work.

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The fix worked after deleting /var/cache/templates/responsive cache files manually from server

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You are welcome!

Yes, sorry, forgot to mention that you have to clear the cache after applying the changes.

I am glad to hear that you have managed to solve this.

So is not fixed in CS-Cart 4.15.2, I have to use the the attached .diff file?

Yes, if you don’t want or cannot upgrade your installation to 4.16.1, you can apply the patch using the attached .diff file and the instructions from the mentioned article: