GDPR Cookie Consent Form choose preferences

@CS-Cart_team How does the GDPR Cookie Consent Form works?

Can we add different types of cookies, or are taken from somewhwere??
I am using cs cart 4.15.2
As you seen in the image bellow on my site is shows up only functional cookies.
Which include marketing cookies. I don t understand how it works.
Can I display also option to chose more options like:

Strictly necessary Cookies
Functional cookies
Marketing cookies etc

as is mentioned “Strictly necessary Cookies” here
I don t see them on my site.

Why are Functional cookies mixed up with facebook

For example, enable the Google reCaptcha module to see new item

In short, third-party scripts for which cookies have not been accepted will not be loaded by the browser, so the functionality they provide will not work.

They are not mixed, but rather have a tree structure, where they are located on a branch of the “Functional cookies” trunk.

@CS-Cart_team When are shown those tree strutures of cookies for example “Strictly necessary Cookies”?
Should not be displayed by default “Strictly necessary Cookies”? On my website are not shown. What makes to show up a tree node?
How many main tree nodes are, what are their names? taking into consideration that “Strictly necessary Cookies” is a main node.
Do we have marketing main node? From my perspective “Facebook” service is part of Marketing not “Functional cookies”

By default, there should be two top branches: Strictly necessary cookies and Functional cookies:

To display the tree-like view, simply click on the ↓ 5 services link.

It depends on the used add-ons. By default at least Site functionality cookie should be listed there.

By default, this node isn’t used by any of the cookies.

On my site it shows only Functional cookies and NOT Strictly necessary Cookies AS SHOWN in first image on this thread. Do you have an explanation why?

Unfortunately I don’t know, haven’t faced such an issue before.

Please try to disable the third party add-ons, check if the core files were not changed (via Administration > File changes detector), clear the cache of your installation, cache & cookies of the used browser and check if the Strictly necessary Cookies are still missing.

I did what you mentioned but still the same issue.

Cecking Administration > File changes detector it show files changed after applying some fix, you provided, in order to fix some bugs, So there is not other change

CS-Cart_teamCS-Cart Team


Jan 26

Thanks for the reply.

PHP Warning:  math: illegal characters

This one error is most possibly related to third party theme used in your store. I am unable to reproduce it.

The following error entry:

PHP Deprecated:  Required parameter

I am confirming this. In order to fix it in your installation, please apply the attached .diff file.
0d9ce078cbc0c2444437dd4bf2803251693af144.diff (997 Bytes)

I have notified the developers regarding this issue.

CS-Cart_teamCS-Cart Team

Jan 10


This bug has been already fixed and the fix will be included in the upcoming 4.16.1 version. Meanwhile you can apply the attached .diff file to your installation in order to fix the issue.
57d6f8d495f8b57f362b9beae9674411ec9edf6e.diff (1.6 KB)

I spend alot of time in finding bugs and provide idea to improve cs cart. That I think I would deserve a free upgrade in order to fix these issue and not install all manually.

@CS-Cart_team I found out the cause of this.
If I have disabled paypal and stripe, which I don t use it doesn t show
Strictly necessary cookies(always required)
which is wrong. Not everyone use paypal or strype as payment processor. Nevertheless it should show
Strictly necessary cookies regardless is active or not a payment processor, Maybe some cs cart shop owners use only payment by bank transfer

Read what you mentioned that are these cookies:

These cookies are essential for the website to work properly. For example, they let you place an order, or help the site remember that you’ve signed into your account. That’s why they can’t be disabled through the site. You can configure your browser to disable even these cookies, but important parts of the site won’t work without them.

I am unable to reproduce this issue in the clean CS-Cart installation

Please contact us via Help Desk on this issue.

did you disable paypal and stripe on the new installation?

Please show us what service is mentioned in Strictly necessary cookies(always required)

You need to use a different add-on to make a better cookie form. You can use this one:

It lets you show a banner with more options for cookies. You can choose what kinds of cookies you use and let customers pick what they want. You can also change the banner for different countries and languages.

To use this add-on, you need to do these things:

-Download the add-on and unzip it.
-Upload the files to your CS-Cart folder.
-Go to your admin panel and install the add-on.
-Go to the add-on settings and change them as you like.
-Save and clear the cache.

Best regards,
Hanna from CodeIT


Please check the screenshot from my previous answer :slight_smile:

As you can see, when PayPal and Stripe are disabled, only the Site functionality cookies are listed under the Strictly necessary cookies.

did you try on version cs cart multivendor 4.15.2?
I trtied on a different install and same issue.
Maybe there is a link between an inbuilt addon from cs cart and Strictly necessary Cookies
I disabled many of them…

Sorry, during this long thread I forgot that you are using the 4.15.2 version. Yes, in 4.15.2 this section will not be displayed. The necessary changes were included into the 4.16.1 version, so you can either upgrade your installation to this one version, or apply the attached .diff file (don’t forget to manually add the language variables into your installation).
9601931e8361bef8513aafd27f0fdd16297b3bbf.diff (2.8 KB)