GDPR addon and Consent mode 2


“From March 2024, Consent mode will be mandatory for businesses using Google Ads.” The absence of Consent mode will result in the blocking of personalised ads (e.g. remarketing) and, further down the line, Google announces that measurement (conversion tracking) will also be blocked.

Does the built in cs-cart add-on meet all the requirements for blocking and passing on the relevant data to GA ?
Does the add-on set the correct values for the relevant “gcd” and “gcs” parameters?

gtag(‘consent’, ‘update’, {
‘ad_storage’: ‘granted’,
‘analytics_storage’: ‘granted’,
‘ad_personalization’: ‘granted’,
‘ad_user_data’: ‘granted’,

Does anything need to be changed additionally for the add-on to support this (according to my tests it doesn’t, but I could be wrong)?

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The default GDPR add-on has no integration, thus does not support Google Ads. You will need to extend the add-on’s functionality to achieve this. Also please take a look at this article:

ok, thank you very much for your quick answer.

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This is really interesting. There is a consent mode, I suppose it’s v1. No proper consent cookies are set as far as I can see from the Tag Manager preview… but…

Won’t cs-cart eventually, natively support consent mode in its core GDPR plugin?

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For the moment, we’re investigating the changes required. And while I can’t commit to a CS-Cart version or a specific date yet, we may very well be able to do something about this change after CS-Cart 4.18.1.