FREE ADDON: "Product Labels" for CS-Cart 4.0.x and CS-Cart 2.2.x

Addon name: Product Labels

CS-Cart Version: 4.0.x



CS-Cart Version: 2.2.x




Thanks for the addon!

“Product labels” addon was updated.

Hi, it looks great but after installation zero effect, i.e. labels do not display for discount, free shipping, new… anything. This is on latest 4.0.3

Any updates as to if this is compatible with V4.0.3 ?

Installed it and work for a second and now shows OOOPS an error occurred. Can not access site and admin area in 4.03.

Any idea?


P.S.Got t back. Could have been a server issue

Did'nt have any issues installing a few days ago. Just testing my site so added a product to check. discount lable showd on image but no new item showed. looking at my other items they show lables like out of stock etc. unable to do a in depth proper check.

Hi, thanks - did the reinstall once more and now getting some labels. However, some bizarre things too like a “sold out” label at the store header :confused:


Also the Sold Out shows where stock is zero or less, even when inventory tracking is turned off, so need to fiddle with it a little in the code.



Just sounds like a bunch more bugs to add to an already buggy platform… We'll pass for now…

{if ($addons.iecsp_product_labels.instock == 'Y') && ($product.amount > 0) && ($runtime.controller == "categories")}

The label conditions are defined in var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons/iecsp_product_labels/hooks/poducts/

Any idea what product variable is used for inventory tracking so I can put this in the conditions with an &&? That way it shouldn't display sold out on all the items where stock is zero.

japanexp I think this was a bug with version 3. did'nt have this problem on 4

[size=4]Is there a list of variables somewhere (like “[color=#000000]$product[/color][color=#666600].[/color][color=#000000]amount”)? somewhere? I am looking for the variable for inventory so I can change the label display logic. At the moment it shows when stock is zero, which is not right.[/color][/size]

I can't get it to work on 2.2.5 :-/

For some reason the “SALE” and “FREE SHIPPING” images are showing up on the top right of the screen.

Yes, I have had this too, even on 4.0.3. There is something wrong in the logic or CSS.

very very thank you.

I am using this addon now

[quote name='ben_erhan' timestamp='1390607739' post='176008'] very very thank you. I am using this addon now [/quote]

Do you have a link to live store to see this in action? Thanks!

Very nice! Thanks!

Thanks iecsp ur best… pls update addon for 4.1.x

Working on 4.2.3