FREE ADDON: "Product Labels" for CS-Cart 4.0.x and CS-Cart 2.2.x

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Hi, thanks - did the reinstall once more and now getting some labels. However, some bizarre things too like a “sold out” label at the store header :confused:


Also the Sold Out shows where stock is zero or less, even when inventory tracking is turned off, so need to fiddle with it a little in the code.



Hi, also appeared Problem after installing the plugin. label at the store header. There are items on the home, which has been added! And the picture is not on the NEW site! How do I fix this problem? Thank U!

[b]Addon name: Product Labels[/b]

[b]CS-Cart Version: 4.0.x[/b]


[b]CS-Cart Version: 2.2.x[/b]



any plans to get this working on 4.3.4

The archive for 4.0 works in 4.3.4.

The only issue is that this add-on was developed for 'Basic' theme only. It is not completely compatible with any responsive theme.


any plans to get this working on 4.3.4

Last time they were here on August, 11

Please contact the developers of the module directly on their website:

Most possibly the module already adapted to the responsive theme and latest CS-Cart versions