Feature Requests

Here are some features I think CS-Cart should implement in future versions

  • Make native search better and more advanced (without using third party service) - Look at Amazon search for inspiration
  • More product costing options, commission model, profit model or combination of both and integrate that with accounting and reports
  • Better reports for admin and vendors eg Average order value, product link clicks, most visited categories
  • Mobile app centric: More support for mobile app (alot of endpoints not available for Web features) so mobile app is worse than the website and crippled
  • Better Email marketing - Better statistics and reports on sent emails, batch send emails without having to keep tap and computer open, send on schedule
  • Improved performance and loading times
  • Built in delivery management: Better and more practical shipments list and simple delivery management system
  • Default Integration with all social media pixels and analytics eg Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, Google, Facebook product feed (all the major ones at least)
  • More default control for admins to control what vendors can see eg customer info
  • Scalability support for multiple EC2 instances, auto-scaling and S3
  • Option to keep pre-order/late delivery
  • Advanced promotions: create one promotion for multiple discounts within one promotion or create groups in one promotion. One catalog promotion for products with different discount
  • Choose who will bear promotion discount (admin or vendor)
  • Checkout: Remove click to update shipping

Other recommendations

  • Use customer feedback system to prioritize new features based on customer demand and voting eg https://canny.io/
  • Bring back previous model of paying for one-time license (no subscription model)
  • Most of the above changes can be sorted if CS-Cart just purchases and re-factors popular existing cs-cart add-ons from developers and makes them default features which are properly integrated to CS-cart, mobile app etc
  • Study other marketplaces like Shopify and Magento and copy them

Suggest more?


Good ideas thank you

Let me comment on the : Default integration with … social media - .
I would like it to remain optional, I do not like what Meta, Alphabet (Google Inc./Youtube), Microsoft, Apple and others are doing, actually breaking the internet. So NO default integration please… as for alternatives to those censors, I prefer wider spread of alternative social media icons for Rumble, Odysee, Gettr, Gab, Locals, Mastodont etc.

  1. Better RSS feed options

I agree with your critique on the subscription model or SaaS. I would like to have the option to buy onetime and pay for support bases on points and or opt for a SaaS.

And make the Admin Panel resizable width.