Display product image in orders

hi ,

i am trying to add the product image to the orders details page with no success. (administration view)

I found the orders:items_list_row hook in the admin/views/orders/details.tpl and i have referensed the images.tpl to it.

What i cannot find is the way to display the image.

Any ideas?



Basically i am trying to display a product image in the orders detail page. Any help would be appresiated


I got ya, man. Created an addon.

I’ll send you a free copy because it was your idea.

Images in Order Reviews


Mod should include images for

  1. Admin product small thumb in categories
  2. Small thumb of product image in admin order details
  3. Small thumb in customer order details page

    Few other useful mod ideas.

  4. Edit product link for administrator in product details page (frontend)
  5. Label as “New” newly added products with text or small image

  6. ← Previous | Next → mod for product details page front end
  7. Search by SKU frontend.
  8. Ability to sort products by timestamp “Newly added” in category (frontend) way to set it as default sorting.
  9. Add extra field to admin product details page to save original price…

    Having these as addons rather then editing tpl or php would be great.


thanks to all

I know. This was a 10 minute Addon to solve a single issue.

I do like your ideas and I’ll look into creating an addon for images in the admin.


will you be doing an 2.1 update to this addon?

addon works with CS-Cart 2.0.13 and 2.0.14 but not with 2.1

Will you make an update ?


I suppose I could. I’d need to look at the mod again.

Okay, is the the one you want to work for 2.1?



yes it is


Do you know if you will making thismod/addon.

Dont mind paying your very reasonable, low prices that you offer. my life would be made so much easier with is addon.

I am interested is 2.1 version also. Let me know your paypal email I’ll send you $

For what it’s worth, I added this code into a new table cell in both details.tpl and invoice.tpl and image thumbnails now show in the order details and the customer email:

{assign var=“prod_id” value=$oi.product_id}


$product_id = $this->get_template_vars(‘prod_id’);

$image_id = db_get_row(“SELECT detailed_id FROM cscart_images_links WHERE object_type=‘product’ AND type=‘M’ AND object_id=$product_id”);

$image_id = $image_id[‘detailed_id’];

if($image_id == null) {

$image_path = “no_image.gif”;


else {

$image_path = db_get_row(“SELECT image_path FROM cscart_images WHERE image_id=$image_id”);

$image_path = $image_path[‘image_path’];

echo “”;

if($image_path == null) {

$image_path = “no_image.gif”;

echo “”;




the above solution will fail if you have a lot of products… thumbnails/0/ will become thumbnails/1/ for the latest products… and i dont seem to figure out where that variable is stored in the DB…

I could do with this too

will pay.


any news with this one for 2.1.

i am suffering …

I’m willing to pay for this too.

change :


{hook name=“checkout:summary_products”}

$product.product_id”|fn_url}” class=“product-title”>{$product.product|unescape}

{if $product.product_code}

{$lang.code}: {$product.product_code}


{include file=“common_templates/options_info.tpl” product_options=$product.product_options no_block=true}


for :

{hook name=“checkout:summary_products”}

$product.product_id”|fn_url}” class=“product-title”>{include file=“common_templates/image.tpl” obj_id=$key images=$product.main_pair object_type=“product” show_thumbnail=“Y” image_width=$settings.Thumbnails.product_cart_thumbnail_width image_height=$settings.Thumbnails.product_cart_thumbnail_height}

{if $product.product_code}

{$lang.code}: {$product.product_code}


{include file=“common_templates/options_info.tpl” product_options=$product.product_options no_block=true}


Easy and Barato :slight_smile: