Descriptive text on blog links


I am trying to improve my google pagespeed score and noticed for SEO there are two aspects that I need help on

More specifically: how do I add a descriptive text to links and how do I add alt attributes to image elements

If these are the product images, you can set up Alt text at the product’s update page:

The same way of setting up Alt text for other images applies to all entities where this image uploader is used.

what if they are not uploaded via this methods but are for example a smarty template or via theme

and what about descriptive texts? is there any way for that

In that way you need to make changes in that code.

I am afraid, I don’t know anything on this case.

Descriptive texts is a key element of SEO performance using google lighthouse (see attached). There should be consideration made for this to be included to improve performance

In this case, I can recommend you to check the Lighthouse’s article on this topic:

I think that what @riwaya is getting at is that a lot of these items are core related. The item isn’t expanded in the image but if it were, you would see that it would show core related items.